Monday, November 23, 2009

The Boys Consider Adam Lambert's Controversial AMA Performance

Like most Americans, the boys gather around the watercooler on Monday mornings to discuss football scores and important pop-culture moments. Obviously, the thing on everyone's mind this morning was Adam Lambert's closing performance at last night's American Music Awards, which contained simulated oral sex and a make-out session between Lambert and his male keyboardist. The performance was edited before being broadcast on the West Coast. (Chip: "Isn't that the part of the country least likely to be offended?").

Did the boys enjoy the performance?

Chip: "I know you all expect me to say something about the increasing 'homosexualization' of American culture, but if we're honest with ourselves on this one we have to admit that the performance was surprisingly...arousing."

Richard: "Lambert's good, but I voted for Kris Allen."

But let's check in with an on-line talkbacker to gain a different view:

DeeJan says: "Adam Lambert showed a autrocious display I have ever witness on TV by him having a dancer with a hand on his head grinding him on his private area and then to top all of that putting his hand and pulling on another dancer (woman) private area. What kind of message is this sending out to our youth.. It made me sick.. I feel so sorry for his parents for that type of display.. His parents were so proud of him when he was on American Idol.. He needs to apologize for his actions. He made a statement about Freedom to express.. That freedom of expression is getting our children kidnapped and sexually abused then to be murdered. We already having problems with Porn being on the net."

Chip: "Can I change my mind now? I actually agree with DeeJan."


before the chipfuckers chime in said...

Mainly, I think any parent who lets their children watch the AMA is a bad parent.

Anonymous said...

IT'S KUPFUCKING TIME! talk about the importance of dick safety! Don't be a dumb dick -- if yer gonna fuck, fuck Kip.

Right in the Lambert. Oh... Nice.

Anonymous said...

I would respond to this. But having watched Bruno for the first time last night, I can hardly think anything of the G-rated, pussy shit that that tool Lambert threw out on pussy-ass cable TV compares to the incredibly graphic machine fucking Bruno and his impish boyfriend do at the beginning of said movie. It DOES however draw comparisons to the kinds of things boyfriends of Kip's perpetrate in their pursuit of sexual stimulation. And that makes me question what Kip's parents think of him. Overall though, I assume they love him. Since it's clear that the pleasure he derives from having all manner of objects shoved, pushed, planted then kicked, and thoroughly driven into his ass has some place in his childhood sexual experiences. A classic Freudian case.

Anonymous said...

I thought his mom just liked to use that fat ass for a purse for the rare instances when the Smileys went out to shop at the local grain and feed store or, on the rarest of occasions... the most glorious of glories: Wal-Mart.

Admittedly, even the Wal-mart frowns on a 115 year old, desiccated matriarch shoving things up her youngest's asspony in lieu of handbag like some sort of reversed kangaroo. but, I'm sure with all the little Ft. Scottttt perverted stories of Winnie and Eeor -- that Mama Smiley simply retold the story of Mamma and baby Roo to include the occasional assplay as metaphor for the bonding between a cart full of groceries being delicately shoved into Kip's Assbag.

--Stuffing the Turkey so to speak!