Monday, November 30, 2009

The LC's Week in Review

Readers, let's catch up on a few important things that happened while we were all on vacation.

1) The boys befriended a new waitress at Quinton's who looks like a sexy librarian and (if pornography has taught us anything) is surely an out-of-control sex maniac below that reserved exterior. She joined the boys briefly to discuss a wrestling match playing in the bar in which a group of lovely female pilgrims defeated a group of gorgeous Indian savages. "You know, this could potentially be seen as politically incorrect," said the waitress (proving her intelligence). Richard vowed later to "bang her between now and Christmas, maybe while watching wrestling."

2) Richard attended a post-Thanksgiving East-Side celebration during which he and King Tosser attempted to explain the genre of "twee" to the new president of the East Side (using the Transmittens as their primary local example). Adam, the evening's "special guest," who traveled all the way from the hipster epicenter of Williamsburg for this event, revealed none of the depravity witnessed in his many recent comments on this blog: his behavior revealed not a single one of his many fetishes involving Chip and gourds. And in the evening's best line, our host, a local reverend, inadvertantly summed up the laid-back EastSide mindset: "I thought I had successfully baby-proofed that room, but when I checked again I found a knife, some matches, and a bucket of nails."

3) Local hipster-favorites Rooftop Vigilantes scored a major coup in the recording of their second record: they are working with noted DC-based producer J. Robbins (of Jawbox, Murder By Death, etc). The title of their second album is "Real Pony Glue." Take a minute, readers, and rearrange those letters.

That's right. It's an anagram of Replay Lounge.


gobble-gobble said...

Sounds like fun times at Q's, and a good wrestling match. I wanted to see it, and found these Indians,

But no pilgrims.

Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

Real Pony Glue

Glare Only Upe

Peal Rule Nog Y?

Leap Gore Luny

Eye Prong Laul

Leon Ale Yurp

anagrams are fun! said...

I suspect a bunch of drunk and stoned Vigilantes played this same game before hitting upon "Real Pony Glue" and thinking it was the greatest idea they've ever had.