Monday, November 16, 2009

The Boys' Fashion Column is Back! / And Another Take on Those Darlins' from the Pitch's Wayward Blog

One of the boys' favorite local events occurred last week: KU's Project Runway challenge, in which local designers get a chance to show off their looks and have them judged by a contestant from the popular series.

Scenemaker A. Ruscin was on hand to photograph the proceedings (of course), and here we offer a glimpse of one of the boys' favorite pieces of the evening:

Chip: "This look seems to combine the feel of abstract art with the practicality of the ever-sexy 'litte black dress' in such a way that suggests the model is both playful and fuckable, although I suppose it would be hard to kiss her through that damn bamboo or whatever it is."

Richard: "I can totally see myself wearing this headgear, perhaps to an intimate dinner party or even a casual night out at the Replay."


Nick Spac.k seems like a nice enough guy but his reviews on the Pitch's Wayward Blog (he's their Larryville correspondent) often differ with Richard's own views (as well as those of local hippies, who raked Nick over the coals for weeks after he trashed their beloved jammy/bluegrass band Railroad Earth).

Nick was far less enthralled than Richard with Friday's Those Darlins' gig, deeming them an unworthy headliner who couldn't possibly live up to the shenanigans of the incarcerated King Khan and BBQ show:

"Let's just put it this way: if you put three attractive young women in tight outfits on stage, and have the rather busty bass player jump up and down for the entire set, and I'm still having trouble finding anything interesting in the band, you might want to mix things up a little bit."

Richard: "Bouncy titties and lyrics like 'I got drunk and I ate chicken' were more than enough for me, Spac.k!"

However, Nick's review is certainly worth checking out for his pictures alone, and we'll leave you with two of them. First is Midnight Luxury, the Spook Lights' gogo dancer. Nick writes, "When your gogo dancer is a fellow with a beard and a heart shaved into the hair on his beer belly, you're not going for sexy, so much as "would you look at that?"

And here's one of Jessi Darlin':

Chip: "She's an attractive gal, but she's no Midnight Luxury. That's for sure."

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