Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Boys Check In With the Second Installment of Anna Undercover's Local Stripper Blog! / Plus, 'Is It Art, Or Isn't It?' Is Back!

We suspected that Anna Undercover would be one of those one-time local bloggers, but she's proved us wrong, returning with a strong second entry detailing the top ten things she's learned so far as a stripper.

Here's one of them:

4) You don't have to have a perfect body to be considered sexy by customers and earn income. I weighed 117 when I started stripping. I now weigh about 135 and make the same money.

Chip: "Oh, so it's written by a fat stripper. Myself, I tend to inquire about weight before inviting a woman onto my lap for a lapdance. Anything over 110 is a bit uncomfortable to me."

And another:

10) The few men I have time to meet at bars and through dating sites are not threatened by my job. Hooray for secure guys! :)

Richard: "They are totally threatened, but the desire to fuck a stripper usually wins out."

You can read the full blog here:

And you should also enjoy the ever-stimulating talkback comments afterward, such as this one, by BigPrune:

"Most guys don't complain when they find out you're a stripper because you must have a great body, like to walk around in the nude, and maybe a little less uptight about having sex? Just assumptions. I highly doubt you'll be able to ever attract any relationship long term, because, you're a stripper."


One of the boys' favorite local artists, Aaron Storck, who is known for playing a strange wizard character in his 'installations,' will be appearing at Wonder Fair's newest art opening this Saturday for a 'spoken-word' performance.

Here is a description of Storck's work from his website:

"The Wizard is the protagonist at the heart of Aaron Storck's theatrical mise-en-scene. Exaggerated and over-the-top, he dons the most ostentatious of wizard garb, burns incense, mutters invocations, and eats Doritos. He is at once inane and intelligent, powerful and innocuous, entertaining and enlightening. He is an artist, a philosopher, a public access evangelist, he is a cultural theorist, a politician, and a scientist. He is a complex character used by Storck to examine and question a complex world."

Chip: "He is an idiot."

Richard: "The Doritos symbolize the intrusion of the modern world on the sacred space once reserved for silent contemplation of life's deepest mysteries."


i'm in love with a girl said...

I happen to know two separate marriages involving strippers. Take that, BigPrune!

Anonymous said...

I question the Wizard on whether he has boners and what role those boners play in his transcendental journey through time and space...and pussy.

the Wizard said...

I need no pussy, for I have Doritos to keep me company.

BigPrune said...

Sluts. All a bunch of coked-up sluts.

If there's one thing I learned said...

from Short Cuts, it's that you shouldn't get involved with someone in the sex trade expecting them to bring their skills to bed. It's like being in a relationship with a masseuse and expecting massages. Ain't gonna happen.