Sunday, November 8, 2009

LJ-World Sports Headline of the Day / Tonight's Hipster Pick: Giggle Party!

Despite four consecutive losses by a football team falling apart at the seams, the LJ-World is not yet ready to give up on their beloved Jayhawks. Tom Keegan's opinion piece today offers us the following somewhat mysterious, confusing, Zen-like headline that attempts to downplay yesterday's K-State victory:

"K-State Wins By Not Losing"

Chip: "Is a little journalistic truth too much to ask here? Today's headline should read: 'KU Loses By Sucking Real Hard' or, even better, ' He's Got To Be On Drugs, Right?'"

Richard: "At least the arrival of basketball season has relieved us of the burden of caring, and I look forward to many more articles about the continued 'relationship' between The Sheriff and Coll.ns. I heard they recently went out for ice cream!"


If you can't wait till the next Transmittens' gig for a dose of adorable indie electro-pop, you may want to consider Texas's Giggle Party at the Replay tonight.

The Dallas Observer says:

"Somewhere between pop-punk and anarchic electro-comedy, this mischievous quartet--and those brave enough to get close--were sodden with cupcake icing, malt liquor, silly string and sweat."

Please, watch their wonderful sing-along video of "Jason Bought a Hatchet" on their Myspace page:

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