Friday, November 20, 2009

The Boys Consider The Proposed Downtown Rickshaw Business! / Also: Noodles and Company Opens and The Farmer's Ball Begins!

Sometimes a remarkable idea comes along, readers, and today is one of those times:

"Lawrence resident Shane Powers is hoping to open a rickshaw business in downtown by the spring, if he can convince city leaders to create a new ordinance that allows for such a business"
'Think about it, if you are at the Granada and you want to get to Quinton’s, that is a pretty good walk,” Powers said. “I think I could get some business out of that crowd'" (LJ-World).

Chip: "Oh, he certainly could. I mean, if I'm shitfaced down at Brother's and need to head all the way up to Q's, I'd totally hail a rickshaw. And I hope these rickshaws are manned by homeless people, an idea first considered, of course, on Seinfeld."

Richard: "I just hope this rickshaw business doesn't try to operate within the student ghetto, because those things will be robbed like stagecoaches in the Old West."


If you're anything like the boys, you'll be dining at downtown's newest chain, Noodles and Company, which has its grand opening today (Chip: "This weekend is about two things: noodles and the Twilight film.").

But if you've got time for anything else, the Farmer's Ball competition gets underway at the Bottleneck tonight before moving on (and getting hipper) at the Jackpot tomorrow for the finals.

The LC has lent its support to Cloud Dog (see yesterday's blog), but they'll be facing stiff competition from Hidden Pictures (pictured below) which features a Zooey-type chick who plays flutes and tambourines. That shit is ever-popular in Larryville.

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