Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Boys Book Club Is Back To Discuss the Palin Memoir / KU Sports On-Line Talkbacker of the Day: Lighthawk!

Like most of America, the boys have reserved their copies of Sarah Palin's memoir Going Rogue, which will be released later this week.

The advance review in the NY-Times criticizes Palin's "annoying tendency to gratuitously drop the names of lots of writers and philosophers — in the course of this book, she quotes or alludes to Pascal, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Paine, Pearl S. Buck, Mark Twain and Melville."

Richard: "She may be smarter than I think, but I'd still wager 50 bucks she hasn't read more than 10 pages of Moby Dick."

Chip: "This promises to be the biggest seller in Forttt Scottt since the last book of the Left Behind series. We're not so much interested in the politics, but we're hoping she has some good tips on the best ways to skin a moose."

The NY-Times also usefully provides an excerpt from the first paragraph:

“I breathed in an autumn bouquet that combined everything small-town America with rugged splashes of the Last Frontier."

See you at Borders.


The KU football team has now suffered five consecutive losses, and even their most fervent fans are jumping ship at this point. In this post from the KU-Sports message board, "Lighthawk" explains how the losses are connected to the early season football/basketball brawl:

"We "Mel Gibson" theorists have been claiming that sports, battles and war contain 3 factors: preparation ( a battle plan) , the heavy hammer (talent or firepower) and emotion (confidence or swagger). Since the time of the fight with the BB team, this FB has lost every week. This crew was told stop fighting or even hinting at conflict with the BB team, no we aren't going to talk about it, and no we aren't going to disucss who is at fault and I don't care if several of them ganged up on a few of you, the discussion is over before it starts, no we don't care to let you get your gripes on the table, just drop it & play ball, or I'll kick your arse to Mars and back. How would the marines take Iwo Jima if you stripped them of their dignity."

Chip: "100% right, Lighthawk! If you tell these men to be pussies off the field and forget about their grudges, how can we expect them to rip the fucking heads off their enemies on the field?"

Richard: "I was able to take my own small revenge on some Nebraska fans after the game last night. After growing weary of giving various groups of drunk NU fans directions to the Sandbar, I started sending them to the Replay instead."


Mindi said...

I don't think sending Nebraska fans to the replay is a bad thing. Richard, you need to work on your notion of revenge.

As for the game itself, well, you all can imagine how I felt about it.

Back to Oz.


a modest revenge said...

Oh, those drunk Nebraska frat boys would have been as scared of the Replay as Chip is! (VERY scared).

Anonymous said...

NU frat boys have another thing in common with Chip concerning the Replay: they know they'll get squashes, half-empty PBR cans and cigarette butts shoved up their asses. All of which, both parties enjoy. Fuck NU, and Chip, in the A.

Anonymous said...

Well, Chip, not unlike your husky Nebraskan, enjoys playing hide the pot roast in the ass. So, no harm nofoul there. The key is: the Nebraskanis essential what they eat. Meaning inbred cow.

All of which reminds the humble reader of Chip leading ole Bessie to the back of the barn in order tonperform his rendition of Ike Snopes. Unfortunately, as he never read The Hamlet, he let the cow fuck him.

Cow goes down the front. Cow comes up the back.