Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Boys Consider the Farmer's Ball Results / Hipster PIck of the Day

Readers, we're sad to report that Cloud Dog, clearly the most interesting band of this weekend's Farmer's Ball competition, has lost out to yet another waify hipster songstress, Katlyn Conroy (who joins a line of similar winners such as the ukulele-playing Hawley Shoffner and Susanna Johannes, she of the rhyming name). Ah well, whether or not we agree, it's our duty as hipsters to support her, and you can start by buying her album, which has an adorable cover, you must admit:


Tonight the Replay offers up Pitchfork-approved band, Digital Leather. Their album, Warm Brother, on the Fat Possum label, was awarded a very respectable 7.3 on the site's hipster scale. The opening line of the review, regarding the band's frontman, should tell you everything you need to know to understand why this show is important:

"Shawn Foree is just your typical Midwestern American-Lit student who plays "new-wave Nazi fag punk" (among other memorable epithets he's coined) under Jay Reatard management."

According to Pitchfork, the album's title combines "a Nazi reference and a gay joke ...(look it up)," and although we don't get the joke and don't want to look it up, we trust Pitchfork that this band's brand of political-incorrectness somehow makes them hip instead of juvenile.

Here's their album cover:


Furry said...

KC's album cover shows how perverse young women have become. It's as bad as Twilight, only instead of vampires and werewolves, the girl is caught in a love triangle between demihuman giraffes and zebras.

Will she choose the giraffe or the zebra? Both animals have been shown to be vicious, but these ones are drawn to show how truly sensitive they can be if only they have a waify girl with a clear voice and a pure heart to unlock their true selves.

team jacob! said...

Fine points, Furry. But NOTHING is as bad as Twilight.