Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Old Canes Need Your Help / The Bad Sex in Fiction Prize is Awarded / And a Proud Moment for the LC!

If you're a local scenester, Chris Crisci has brought you a lot of joy in the form of Appleseed Cast and Old Canes. Now he and the Canes needs a little financial assistance to record "a three disc 7" vinyl series called Shapeshifter." We know you are hard-pressed to part with more than whatever an evening's worth of PBR costs, but there are incentives here, as Crisci has arranged a reward system based on the amount of your donations. For you cheap scenesters, a pledge of $3 gets you MP3's of the entire series. A mere $15 gets you the series on vinyl. Higher dollar donations will be rewarded by signed copies, guest passes to shows, your name in the liner notes, etc. And for $1000, Crisci will hang out with you and cook fish tacos.

Scenesters, let's stockpile our PBR money and have ourselves a fish taco party!

Check out the complete info and reward system here:



Sadly, our literary hero Franzen did not win the Bad Sex in Fiction prize yesterday. Instead, the award went to Irish writer Rowan Somerville, whose The Shape of Her was singled out in part for this line:

"Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin he screwed himself into her."

Chip: "I feel it's unfair to call this 'bad.' Taken in the context of the novel, it might be perfectly boner-worthy."


We recently voted Boobs Only Lesbians as our favorite blog of the week, and in recent days we've been noticing a little traffic from their site (yes, we are as vain as the next scenester, and occasionally check our stats to see if any of you are paying attention to us, and we are delighted to think that a number of beautiful "boobs only lesbians" are now reading our work!). A quick visit to their blog reveals that a direct link to the LC has been included in their recent publicity recap:

"Nerve.com: This Week In Sex, which seems to imply we are dumb but maybe doesn’t get that we’re not calling ourselves LESBIANS, we’re calling ourselves BOOBS-ONLY LESBIANS. Who’s dumb now?!

TheFrisky.com, which suggests lesbians might not be enamoured with our principles – but so far we’ve had nothing but encouragement!

AfterEllen.com, which claims we don’t exist. Which we clearly do.

The Larryville Chronicles name us blog of the week.

No such thing as bad publicity, eh?"

Yes, indeed, we have found ourselves sandwiched between a picture of a topless woman doing laundry and a topless woman wearing a Pink Panther mask! Check it out:


Thanks for paying attention to us, you lovely boobs-only lesbians, and we are honored to be included next to those other boner-worthy sites (and also AfterEllen).


The Unknown Hipster said...

Great shitballs! Richard's gonna be famous yet. Larryville: The Movie?

Capt Literarian said...

lepidopterist? When I start writing books, each time I learn of a new word I will figure some way to weave it into the sex scenes I will be perpetually writing. In fact, maybe that will be my modus operandi: writing short vignettes centered around boning that use esoteric or uncommonly heard vocabulary.

And here is a dry run for all of you up-and-coming fans of the Captain's writing:

As he penetrated her, he knew he wouldn't last long; for, his vas deferens were already swolllen, like 1/4" copper piping under the basement sink, about to burst on a cold December day.


Dr. C said...

Kudos to the Chronicles. Larryville: The Movie will definitely be more exciting than Voyage of the Dawn Treader.