Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Box Office Report / The Boys Take a Few Days Off

Readers, if you're like us, you love to go to the movies during the holidays, and this week brings a fine batch of films such as...that movie where The Rock kicks ass...and that movie where Anne Hathaway gets very, very naked in several more-explicit-than-usual sex scenes:

Here's an excerpt from a NY-Times piece on the Hathaway film, which is called Love and Other Drugs:

"Mr. Zwick speaks of the sex scenes in his new film as a kind of dramatic icebreaker: the ingredient necessary to “break down the wall” with which contemporary audiences guards their emotions. “A sex scene is gratuitous when it only exists for its own sake,” he said, adding, “We thought if we were to look at these scenes as we would look at any other scene, to advance the plot, or drive conflict, or overcome an obstacle, then we could apply all that we already knew about scene work and craft to the scene.”

Chip: "He's forgetting the most important question involved in any sex scene: Will this scene give us a boner?"

See you after the holiday break.

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