Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Boys Vote Yes For the Library! / Mustache of the Week / Local Band of the Week

Readers, we don't have a lot of time to spare because we're spending today downtown, boasting loudly about how we "voted yes for the library" and hoping that our progressive tendencies will get us laid by sexy-librarian types (or even civic-minded, mildly attractive hipster women).

Chip: "Actually, I voted no on the library, but I'm not owning up to it downtown for fear that my picture will be posted in liberal establishments under the caption: 'Asshole.' But I'll tell you what I did vote yes for: the proposal written in such a way that suggested if I voted 'no' someone would show up at my house, possibly this very afternoon, and take away my guns."


In this new column, we'll be showcasing our favorite pictures of local mustaches. First up, this shot from the Janelle Monae concert (courtesy of A. Ruscin):

Richard: "She's smiling, but secretly I think she's a little scared of his mustache."

Sure, we're always late to the game on the hippest of local hipster culture, but eventually we find it. Our local band of the week this week is Say My Name. Here's the scoop from Rangelife Records:

"Say My Name's S/T EP is 8 tracks of tangy twists and ice-cold instrumentation, a travelogue through 70's World Music and scratched Blaxploitation LP's cut together in his Lawrence, Kansas apartment. Say My Name has done beats for Dri's "Smoke Rings", remixes for White Flight, Suzannah Johannes and Hospital Ships, and played lead guitar in Fourth Of July. This is his first solo project."

We're big fans of the cover:

There's also a new animated Say My Name video by Kenneth Kupfer, who we believe is one of the members of Wayne Pain and the Cum Draculas. We've heard that one of the Cum Draculas offered a nice retort at the Replay recently in regard to our blog statements about how we could only stomach their tunes for about 30 seconds, stating that 30 seconds was about the same amount of time they could stomach our blog (so presumably none of them will read this far into the post to witness our nice press). Watch Kupfer's video here:


And get your smooth Blaxploitation groove on here:



@BARRR said...

SAY MY NAAAAAME! Yes...Kenny was rambling something crazy about this blog during the show...very funny.

say Chip's name! said...

The LC was mentioned ONSTAGE during a hipster show? Truly, we have arrived!