Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching Up With Recent News: Football Controversies, Scenester Art, and a Local Children's Book

We feel like the most important story in town this past week was a bit under-reported: Coach Gill's decision not to ask former Coach Don Fambrough to deliver his longstanding annual anti-Missouri tirade prior to the Border War.

Gill cited Fambrough's health concerns, which Fambrough denied, leaving most of us convinced that the decision largely stemmed from Gill's strict "no profanity" policy. But surely our team, after a discouraging season in almost every respect, deserved to bask in the passionate, profanity-laced hatred of a beloved tradition? Right?

Chip: "Fuck yes!"


Hopefully you found time to enjoy Final Fridays over the break. We stopped by Wonder Fair's new group exhibition called "Sharing," where we spent most of our time contemplating a piece by Kenneth Kupfer which depicted a very large can of Hamms.

Richard: "Sometimes I feel disconnected from local art, but that piece spoke to me on some deep level, a level that enjoys cheap hipster beers."

The exhibit runs through January 24, so make sure to visit (click to enlarge the photo below, from Wonder Fair's website, for a sampling).

We also stopped by Teller's, whose upstairs room had been transformed into a nice little gallery that was, at the time of our visit, patronized solely by Richard and an old lady who was lost and looking for the restrooms.


So many of our local scenesters are incredibly prolific. Artist and DJ Justin Marable can now add children's book author to his resume. His new book, Noco, traces the adventures of Noco the prairie dog who makes his way home across Kansas while visiting Kansas landmarks. The book release and a new art opening from Marable take place this Friday evening at Signs of Life.

Richard: "So many of my hipster friends have children these days and I'm planning a hipster children's book, which will involve Hipsy the hipster hedgehog running through various venues like the Replay while pursued by the villainous Bob, who wants to turn him into a gourmet hedgehog hot dog."

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