Monday, November 8, 2010

The Boys Read the GQ (British Version) "Guide to Hipster Women" / Scenester Pick of the Day

We've been showcasing an important new article on hipsterism each week and today's may be the most important yet: a piece called "Guide to Hipster Women" from the British GQ.

Here's a representative excerpt from the piece:

"In recent years, the Hipster Girl, far from that mysterious creature spotted in Western society's white, middle-class cultural youth hubs - Hoxton Square in London, Williamsburg in New York, or the Mission District in San Francisco - has landed slap-bang in the middle of the road...Hipster Girls are everywhere, and have become very big business.

Vintage band T-shirts taken from her mother, lumberjack shirts found in Help The Aged, skinny jeans torn from Iggy Pop's carcass, Bob Dylan's Ray-Ban wayfarers: the 21st-century Hipster Girl magpies the cool stuff from decades past and assembles it in a smorgasbord of appropriated Hipness."

The article also classifies hipster girls into various categories, our favorite being "austerity girl," whose characteristics are amusingly delineated as follows:

"Makes her own lemonade; describes the process of being drunk as "getting tight" despite never having read Brideshead Revisited; endlessly extols the virtues of Sixties line bras; loves receiving mail from admirers ("and by that I mean 'actual' letters rather than those impersonal, indifferent electronic notes, darling!"); can't abide the philistine indoor smoking ban; plays nothing but Vera Lynn on 7ins vinyl; enjoys kinky "bunker" sex to the sound of a WWII air-raid siren."

Chip: "The kinky Larryville equivalent of that final sexual preference is 'enjoys sex outdoors while roleplaying Quantrill's Raid.'"

The article closes with a list of the top ten "hipster heroines," with number one being...Chloƫ Sevigny:

"The absolutely unimpeachable princess of downtown NYC anti-cool since 1994, Chloƫ has a weirdly fleshy face and dresses like an undergraduate performance-art project or a walking jumble sale - sorry, thrift store. No wonder she remains, without any eye-shadow of a doubt, the Hipster Girl crush to end all Hipster Girl crushes. Like, ever!"

Richard: "I thought her hipness peaked with the blowjob scene from The Brown Bunny? And how can she still be hip after the not-very-good-at-all recent season of Big Love?"

Go here to learn many important things:


Tonight's Replay show is a band called Nuclear Power Pants (pants, not plants, get it!?), which contains members of the Dan Deacon Ensemble. That fact alone should lure you out. Remember when you all packed the Jackpot a few years ago to hear Deacon make funny noises?

If that isn't enough to get you interested, how about this interweb review:

"From the opening skree of Flipper-feedback on “Got Soul, Need Body,” density is key."

We love any song that begins with dolphin noises, so count us in. See you at the Replay.

Chip: "Actually, I'm headed to the Black Swans show at the Tap Room, since we need to cover both of them."

Meet Nuclear Power Pants:

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