Friday, November 12, 2010

The LC's Weekend Cultural Guide: The Bard vs. @BARRR / Also: Sexy DVD Pick of the Week

Perhaps you're tired of the same old hipster haunts and in need of a little culture this weekend. Consider KU's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which has the distinction of being the first full-length North American OP production of the Bard.

Chip: "Does OP signify that the play will be modernized and set in Overland Park, with the four young lovers driving SUV's?"

No, Chip. It stands for original pronunciation, and the cast has been working closely with a renowned Shakespearean scholar for months to get it right. Are locals excited? Let's check the LJ-World talkback.

Sad_Lawrencian says: "I watched the video [clips of this production]; these people sound like idiots."

And the boys saw it last night. Were they impressed?

Richard: "I like any play that allows me to get onstage for a dance party."

Chip: "Several of the lady faeries gave me a total boner. They were just so...flexible."

If you're not in the mood for high-culture (or you're looking for a different kind of "high" culture, meaning "Drugzzz," as BARRR would say), you should seek out a secret weekend house show where Larryville's favorite podcaster will be performing a stand-up set. We know where it is (and we're even invited), but we're sworn to secrecy, because only the hippest of hipsters are allowed (and those like us, who are unhip but contribute to local hipness).


Readers, do you love watching people fuck but occasionally long for something "artsier" than what's available in the back room of Miracle Video? Consider checking out Destricted, a compilation of short films by cinematic provocateurs like Matthew Barney, Larry Clark, and Gaspar Noe, which "attempt[s] to crossbreed the world of adult film with that of legit cinema." (Variety).

The film premiered at Cannes a few years back, to terrible reviews, and is just now hitting DVD shelves this week. Based on these excerpts from a piece in Variety, we find ourselves more than a little intrigued:

"Matthew Barney's "Hoist" is a typically symbolic effort that seems to depict a bizarre mating ritual between a man (played by Barney) who has what looks to be a giant cucumber for a penis and what is identified by the press notes as a 50-ton deforestation Caterpillar truck."


"Gaspar Noe's "We Fuck Alone,"...overdoses on the strobe-lighting effects of Noe's previous "Irreversible" as it humorlessly depicts one man's encounter with a plastic blow-up doll."

Richard: "It's up next in my Netflix queue!"

Chip: "I'm planning a triple feature with Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs and John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus."

Go here to see the trailer:


Anonymous said...

No comments for 4 days? What's going on here? Has the theme song made this blog so hip that even the hip are not hip enough (or too hip?) to post hip comments? Personal opinion: no; the theme song is hip, but not so hip that it has squelched my voice. Although, I did have an averse reaction to "Destricted" when the sound of Dr. Nog's voice inadvertently began playing in iTunes mid-movie (and know). So play the song with caution.

we fuck alone said...

Thanks for listening to the LC Theme. It's our belief that most of our readers are far too hip (by which we mean lazy) to spend a few minutes downloading the song (or writing a comment, for that matter). Otherwise, we'd surely be getting more positive reactions to its sexiness. We hope to make it available for streaming one of these days (and possibly create a video, starring Chip...and his boner).