Monday, November 15, 2010

Local Food Trends, Kanye's New Album, and Good News for Public Masturbators!

Perhaps you thought the only local food trend was gourmet burgers, but according to a piece in InkKC there are at least 19 other KC and Larryville food trends going strong right now, ranging from edamame (Chip: "Never heard of it, and frankly it sounds made up!") to microgreens (which Krause uses atop his gourmet burgers, though we'd much prefer a comforting slab of iceberg).

By far the boys favorite trend, however, is "carnival foods," such as funnel cakes,"which are finally getting the respect they deserve in Kansas City."

Chip: "I've always said that a funnel cake should be considered a main dish, especially when paired with fries."

Richard: "This post seems to contain at least two Seinfeld references already."

Full article from InkKC is here:


It's almost impossible to ignore Kanye West these days, especially on Twitter, where he tweets thoughts such as this about 60 times per day:

"Like yo this Mark Rothko is the shit! You see it works. This is a break through people. I now know how to communicate art! YES!!!!"

But how is his new album, which officially drops next week? According to Rolling Stone's 5 star review, it's pretty much the greatest thing recorded by anyone, ever:

"In "Dark Fantasy," he rhymes "mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago" with "diablo," "bravado" and "My chick in that new Phoebe Philo/So much head, I woke up in Sleepy Hollow."

Chip: "Wait, I thought Sleepy Hollow was headLESS?"

Personally, we hate rap that makes us work, and we had to look up two references from that single excerpt.


According to a piece in today's UDK, two women recently reported witnessing a man masturbating to porn on the Watson Library computers. The Public Safety Office issued this statement: "Unfortunately, the reported incident did not meet the strict requirements of the statute on indecent exposure." (since the women did not actually witness the man's penis).

Chip: "I've always been a little nervous about rubbing out out in the library, but that's about to change!"

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