Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Columnist Tweetnastyy Considers the State of Stand-Up Comedy in Larryville / Local Mixtape of the Week / MTV Remakes Teen Wolf

Readers, we can't make it to every hip event in town and we didn't make it to @BARRR's "secret" stand-up comedy showcase at Wonder Fair on Saturday (rumor has it that Chip was denied entrance at the door because he was wearing a KU sweatshirt and the WF gang believed he might be a frat boy attempting to enter and vandalize the art). Luckily, our Twitter-buddy Tweetnastyy was in attendance and willing to share a few thoughts with us. Who's this Tweetnastyy, you ask? Well, we're not quite sure, as we haven't actually met her in person, but what we've gathered is that she works at a local coffee shop and tweets things that are so shockingly sexual they make Chip's boner jokes look like the innocent musings of a small child. Thanks for the review and, if we ever meet you, you've got a free PBR coming. So, without further delay, here's the state of hipster comedy in Larryville:

"Jason Barr has been doing his part to keep Lawrence weird and, judging by the performances Saturday night at the Wonder Fair Gallery's SHHHHH: SECRETS comedy show, it's going very well.

The 1st openers (I can't be bothered to remember names when free booze is involved but one of them was Tyler Waugh of Suede By Perfection) were mustashioed brothers bantering about boning vs. boyfriending and just generally giving each other shit. The girl behind me even remarked "You can tell they used to do this at Christmas dinner.". The second act consisted of a fraction of Baiowolf, with Rob Schulte doling out jokes on note cards as he saw fit and Sean Wilson reading and throwing said cards into the audience (mostly at one guy in the front, to be honest). My favorite part of this was the fact that the subject matter of each joke was written on the back of the note cards in large print. Some of my favorites were "JIMMIE WALKER", "HOT BITCHES", and "MEAT EATERS ARE FAGS". Excellent work, boys.

Finally, onto the main event. Barr came out with drunken guns blazing, chugging FourLOKO and yelling into the reverb-heavy mic. "I'm Jason Barr, but you probably already know that because I'M A FUCKING CELEBRITY!!!" I have to hand it to him, J-BARR (as he says he's called but I can't say I've heard it from anyone) lets it all hang out. Fact or fiction, he doesn't seem to give a good goddamn what people think of him. It makes for good entertainin'. He was ticking jokes off with a pen that started to turn his tongue blue after just a few strokes. Couldn't have been the FourLOKO, because that was clearly green flavored. I think he even coined a new phrase which I've already used twice since the show. "Rape cottage" is sure to sweep the nation. J-Barr (hey, let's just go with him on this, okay?) has great timing, energy, and the perfect absence of shame to make great comedy. I look forward to more showslike this. Not too many, though. He's not getting any younger and just watching him yell and pace around gives me chest pains.

Much love to him and the Wonder Fair Family for all their hard work/drinking
to keep us weird."

Our feminist readers: "Rape jokes are NEVER funny, J-Barr."

Presumably the evening will soon be available in podcast form for the rest of us to laugh with (or at)? Keep us posted, @BARRR.


Tweetnastyy mentions Tyler Waugh in her review, and that guy is certainly one prolific scenester. When he's not riffing about boning in his comedy routine or making bleeps and blips in Suede By Perfection, you might spot him doing weird things with Team Bear Club or distributing his own mixtapes (a hobby of most local scenesters these days). Tyler passed along a link to his mixtape to us, requesting a review, and we are happy to oblige.

Dr. Chip: "From its opening sample of Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven is a Place on Earth', Waugh's tape deposits us in a scenester heaven that manages to feel both strangely unfamiliar ("Girl with a Fanta in her hand...eating some afternoon flan") and utterly universal ("Feeling cool by the pool"). My hips swayed throughout this mellow mix, with the possible exception of Track 5, which seems to simply consist of Waugh talking about some delicious Mexican food he'd just eaten."

Download it at this address (or via direct link in our sidebar):


Here's the cover:


Next year, MTV will sully our beloved childhood memories of Teen Wolf with a series that updates that film for the Twilight crowd, with moody, leather-jacket-wearing werewolves who play lacrosse instead of basketball (seriously). Trailers appeared on-line yesterday if you dare to witness them.

Our prediction is that, good or bad (and it's almost certainly VERY bad), the show will be far more successful than the LC's attempt to raunchily reinvent werewolf fiction for tween-age boys. But will the series contain anything to rival the immortal first line of our Harry Lupus series? Doubtful. We reprint that line here to refresh your memory:

"As the full moon rose outside his bedroom window, Harry Lupus woke up with a very furry boner."


Jartsu37 said...

I really wanted to be a part of this secret comedy show...can't wait to listen to the cast...

@BARRR said...

The show was packed. Great sets by all. And...the Rape Cottage wasn't actually a joke rather a very good description of a room I was thrown into on a very scary evening....but if you weren't there...you won't know about it cuz that story isn't going to be on the digital or cassette release. Thanks to everyone that came out to the show!

X said...


Holy Fuck -- I taught that young man.

I knew I shoulda whipped the scenester fuck out of him.