Friday, November 5, 2010

The LC's Weekend Guide to Larryville

From the looks of it, this weekend isn't particularly hip, but we have a few ideas for you.

It's always a hipster beard party when Arthur Dodge is at the Replay, so check out his set tonight while introspectively stroking your facial hair and warming up with the Friday Jim Beam special. Dodge is opening for High Diving Ponies, who sound intriguing based on this Rathaus description:

"The song “Muppets” features a slowly evolving guitar riff with a 90’s angular, early Built to Spill feel and the fuzzy, distant vocal melodies familiar to fans of My Bloody Valentine. The stellar pop-gem “I Smell Like Smoke” could be a Guided By Voices b-side with its addictive lo-fi melody that rises above punky acoustic guitar strumming."

They had us sold at Built to Spill and drove it home with GBV. See you at the Replay.

We also recommend keeping a close watch on tomorrow's KU/CU football match-up. The Buffs haven't won a road game since 2007. Tomorrow is likely their day to break that streak. And they probably deserve it.

Celebrate the CU victory at the Replay tomorrow night as Cincinatti buzz-band Pomegranates take the stage. Here's a blurb from an interweb review on their Myspace:

"I find the music here to be original, particularly because it abounds with a quality not usually found in indie rock: Fun. Lots of fun. Fun without being silly. Fun without being odd for fun's sake. The kind of fun that comes from hope."

We predict there will be six people in the audience, tops, as local hipsters detest fun, and especially fun that comes from hope.

Rock out with "Skull Cakin'" at their Myspace page:


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Elders concert is tonight so I don't have to read any more tweets about it.

the homies said...

The only thing we're more excited about than The Elders is recipes for winter squash!