Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Hipster Picks / More Harry Potter Coverage

If you're a true scenester, you already shelled out a few months ago to watch Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at the Jackpot. So why should you do it again?

Because they're opening for "tropicalia legends" Os Mutantes tonight, of course, and this will provide a good chance to pretend you know something about music outside of the States.

This Philadelphia Inquirer review of a show from a few nights ago should give you a good sense of what you're in for:

"Pink's homemade productions race back to the '80s, '70s and '60s, but Os Mutantes, in the '60s themselves, redefined psychedelic futurism. Sérgio Dias and company do not disappoint on the Salvador Dali front, all dressed in caftans (save Bia Mendes in a short black jacket) with a flutist in tow, dabbing Tropicália rhythms with flourishes of English folk and opera betwixt drum breaks worthy of James Brown."

Richard: "I love psychedelic futurism, but if I were going out tonight I'd opt for The Moaners early show at the Jackpot. That Melissa Swingle, formerly of Trailer Bride, can play the saw like nobody's business. Who was at the legendary show in KC where the room was stifling and she played most of the set in her bra?"

Here's a picture of some of the Mutantes, looking like they just came from a Harry Potter screening:


And speaking of Potter, the new film is projected to rack up $125 million bucks at the box office this weekend (Chip: "This weekend will be remembered as the one where the world came together and collectively mourned the death of a house elf."). We're amused by this line from Harry Knowles' review on AICN:

"That said, that row of chatty cunts that made sexy whistles and comments everytime Potter had his shirt off. Seriously - you middle-aged Potter Porn readers - keep your mouth shut at the midnight premiere of the films."

Chip: "I can't judge, because that was my piercing wolf-whistle you may have heard at Southwind last night during the topless Hermione make-out scene."

Indeed, the film left us wanting to write some erotic Harry Potter fan fiction. Here's a line from an article called "Taking Liberties With Harry Potter," which examines the genre of Potter "fanfic":

"No one wants to put words in J. K. Rowling’s mouth, but it’s safe to assume that when she hails her readers’ creativity, she has in mind something other than tales wherein Professor Snape is fellated by the Sorting Hat."

Chip: "I can't believe someone beat me to that fellating-hat idea!"

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