Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Boys Celebrate the Upcoming Library Expansion! / Hipster Pick of the Day / Spot That Scenester Model

Readers, the library proposal passed yesterday, and if you're anything like us you've spent today daydreaming about a time in the near future (2012, supposedly) when you can park in the new parking garage and spend a delightful afternoon in the new reading rooms overlooking Watson Park while making your way through Adam Levin's The Instructions (which you'll still be reading at that point, because that fucker is looooong!).

But not everyone is pleased. Let's take a look at today's LJ-World talkback.

justforfun says: "Aron Cromwell is a 1st class moron!!! And of course east Lawrence had stronger voting for it, the house values are crap and they arent worth sh*t. Westside to support the eastside as usual, the busses, and now the Library/ homeless hangout. Nice goin Democrat do-gooders."
Chip: "I don't understand all of his points, but I suspect I agree with them."


The Jackpot offers a rare early evening show tonight: Woven Bones. Pitchfork's review of the Austin garage-rockers is not exactly stellar (6.6) but the band is compared to everyone from the Velvets to Spacemen 3 to Echo and the Bunnymen, so surely at least one of those comparisons is enough to entice a handful of hipsters to leave their pads prior to midnight.

Here's our favorite excerpt from the Pitchfork review:

"These tunes seem almost too cool for melody... You'd be hard-pressed to finger a highlight amidst these 26 svelte minutes, given the record's compositional tunnelvision, yet the effect's not samey but, rather, hypnotic."

The opening statement there is about as perfect a description of hipster music as we've yet seen. Also, "samey" is a real word (we had to check), but it sounds like one that a five-year old would use.

See you at the show.


Believe it or not, A. Rusc.n's "party pics" from last week's Fashion Monsters Fashion Show are up on in a timely fashion. Here's a glimpse of the evening's highlight (the make-out session during the Westboro Baptist-themed entry) followed by a scenester zombie (is he a zombie?). Click to enlarge and, as ever, spot that scenester and claim a free beer from the LC.

See the full photo gallery here:


T-Bone said...

I'm pretty sure the zombie kid's name is TJ. He showed up at my birthday party a few months ago and had that same glazed stare. Nice guy though.

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