Thursday, November 11, 2010

The LC Has a Downloadable Theme Song, The City of Larryville Has An "Official" New Blog, and Chip Has a Ph.D!

Readers, we encourage you to devote a few minutes of your day to downloading and listening to the LC's official theme song (click link in sidebar). Yes, that's Sugar Dick himself (Richard) on lead vocals, supplemented by The Leotards, Stephanie Stix and King Tosser, who are about to be big in this town...we're talking Transmittens big!.

We recommend playing the song each time you tune in to the LC, as it rewards repeat listening (our personal favorite moments right now are Dick and Stix trading vocals on a repetition of Hamm's at the two minute mark, which builds into an orgasmic crescendo from Stix, and also the moment, soon after, in which King Tosser follows Richard's assertion that "Chip has a boner tonight" with a playful series of guitar licks that somehow suggest a boner).


We like to think of ourselves as the "unofficial" blog of Larryville, but you might want to check out a new blog billing itself as "The official blog of the City of Lawrence, KS":

The first entry assures us that, "in most cases, comments will be left on. We disagree with the concept of having a blog only to have the comments turned off, leaving the discussion one-sided."

We're guessing, however, that it's easy enough to leave a comment which will be removed. Go test it out.


As of this morning, Chip (or, more accurately, the man behind the myth of "Chip") joins the ranks of numerous long-time LC writers, contributors, and readers who have PhD's, such as Dr. (Sugar) Dick, Dr. C (the Colorado gentleman), Dr. X (the mysterious vulgarian), and Dr. Cl.thier (the poetic troubadour...does he still read this blog?).

If you know Chip (or feel like you know Chip after having read his remarks for awhile), congratulate him.

Chip: "I have a feeling my boner jokes are about to become a lot more intelligent."


Looking forward to Nogs music career said...

Ok, first the fucking all:

Congratulations and what the shit took you so long, Smiley.

Cripes: I have inter-specially (Yes, it's a word you bitchlrss whores.) raise eleventeen kids since the first fucking day you took the SS Bullshit out on the lake with your crayons, colored pencils and a stern full of ding dongs to handwrite...

Are you fucking kidding me? Handwrite? With what a fucking stylus dipped in his mother's own asstrauma?

...handwrite a fucking dissertation on how local hipsters fuck dirtier than sophomores in a F0rt $cott (That's some ke$ha shit right there. AND FUCK YOU.) High School.

With colorful graphs.

Had I known all the while that you were carrying that thing in your Hello Kitty knapsack all around Lawrence, I would have had it burned and made you snort it's ashes.

However. Now that you are both laid and paid, I suppose I must give you begrudging respect.

...but I'll still have your ass whipped. BITCHAZ!!!


Your... ...colleague,

...threw up a bit in my mouth there for a second.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you idiots are all doctors?

Jesus Christ.