Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spot That Scenester! / The Boys Look at this Week's Controversial Style Scout Subject

When Rusc.n offers up a new set of Party Pics, it's time to play "Spot That Scenester." The new photos (posted in a timely nice!) are of this week's Delta Saints show at the Bottleneck. We've spotted several familiar faces in the crowd, such as "That dude from Cowboy Indian Bear" and our friend Nezbeat, local hip-hop wizard. But who is this bearded fellow in the nice sweater? Identify him and win yourself a hipster beer of your choosing!


Has any Style Scout subject ever inspired as much as LJ-World talkback as this week's Natasha Kastl, owner of the Bauhaus boutique. The comments break down as follows: (a) those who think there's no way in hell this woman is 27, as she claims, and (b) those who are enraged that she spends so much money on clothing ($298 dollars for that blouse!) when people are starving on the streets of Larryville.

During her Style Scout interview, Natasha "challenge[s] all of Lawrence’s men to wear more fitted jeans."

Chip: "Not going to happen. Skinny jeans are for hipsters and they stifle my boners."

Is she stylish? Is she really 27?

1 comment:

Capt Investigation said...

Christ, if she's 27 then I better enjoy it while I'm 26 cuz it's all. down. hill. from. here.

And that hipster is none other than Sean Bentson, local alcoholic and registered sex offender.

I'll have a FourLoko!