Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Local CD of the Week / Spot That Scenester / Is It Art, or Isn't It? (Miami Edition!)

According to, the two fellows pictured below (is the photo ironic?) are quite likely to approach you in the street bearing gifts during the holiday season.

Chip: "My first inclination is to run."

Relax, Chip, those adorable be-sweatered gents (Sam Billen and Josh Atkinson) just want to give you their Christmas album, titled A Word of Encouragement. Billen claims his contributions to the albums are influenced in part by "Shugo Tokumaru (who he describes as “kind of a Japanese Sufjan Stevens”)."

You can read the full article and stream a song on, but hopefully you'll be receiving a hand-delivered copy of your very own.


If you're a scenester, you almost certainly spent Thanksgiving evening at the Jackpot listening to cover bands take on Bikini Kill, Minor Threat, Nirvana, and Jawbreaker. A. Rusc.n was there, and we're especially fond of the following photo. Are they scenesters, or are they...zombies? As always, spot the scenester and win a free beer from the LC (click to enlarge).


Thanks to Final Fridays, Larryville is getting artsier by the month, but nothing yet compares to Art Basel Miami Beach, the center of the art world this week, an event described by the NY-Times as a "bacchanal disguised as the Western Hemisphere’s most prestigious art fair."

Hopefully our Miami friend Beth will bask in the artsiness and report back to us, especially on this food-related art event:

"To score their meal, guests must squeeze through a jagged hole in the courtyard wall and wander through an overgrown field to an empty house. There, they will find a buffet installation: thousands of bowls and pedestals of porridge, brown sugar, raisins and milk. It’ll be the hottest brunch spot in town" (NY-Times).

Is it art, or isn't it?

Chip: "Anything this dumb is almost certainly art."

Richard: "Agreed."


racket said...

y'all should write about neon. its next and final dance party is next week, but you wouldn't know it from any coverage in lawrence. will it be worth it? a reunion of sorts for age-old hipsters?

we task you to perform that mission said...

We'd love to hear some inside scoop, but we won't be attending (Chip prefers to grind in other venues). Please go and report back to us!

beth said...

I'm not sure I'll make it to Art Basel this weekend, but if I do, you'll be the first to know!

Also, I will not eat the food there.

i love chip said...

girl in front's name is katy. turn-ons: bad haircuts. turn-offs: holocaust jokes.