Thursday, October 21, 2010

Style Scout Gets Sophisticated / More Farmer's Ball Coverage

Style Scout is too often full of country rubes who believe themselves to be savvy urban hipsters, so what a treat to check out the Scout today and discover the delightful Margaux DeRoux, 27, of Alaska, who dislikes "unoriginal American sloppiness" and says that her fashion influences are the "same as everyone": "I like Lou Doillon and Francoise Hardy. Growing up my dad had a thing for Jean Seberg, so I imprinted on that. I also really like Haider Ackermann, who makes crazy leather."

Yes, those are EXACTLY the same as our influences! Margaux is a waitress and, if you know where she works, please let us know, as we'd love to meet her and discuss Jean Seberg.

Readers, we vote "stylish" for Margaux! Do you?


Perhaps the Farmer's Ball competition has lost a little of its hipster luster over the years, but it's still an important opportunity to catch up-and-coming local bands before they move on to bigger and better things, such as...playing to tiny audiences in the TapRoom basement.

Yesterday we lent some LC support to Radar Defender, but today we turn our attention to The WillNots, who feature this information on their MySpace page:

"In 2007 the Will Nots got together with fellow musician Yossarian Cardin-Ritter, and tapped into an initiate known as, The Screaming Lantch. During this time, the Will Nots became the ILL KNOTS, manifesting themselves as messengers from past worlds, both light and dark."

Personally, we wish they were STILL the Ill Knots, a band that apparently held "drum seances." But they're still pretty hip anyway. Check them out here:


El Capitan said...

Yeah she works at Hooters on 95th and Metcalf. Pretty sure I got her out of those "crazy leathers" once and banged her in the bathroom there...

the censors said...

We're going to allow that statement on the grounds that we believe everything the Captain says. Therefore, it's not mere slander.

So said...

A little slander might actually make this blog more interesting.

Top Hick said...

Jesus loves me,
yes I know,
for the bible
tells me sophisticated...hee hee glee.

Richurt, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Captain Sophist said...

The Captain only lies to make Facebook friends. In this case, I got no add requests, so I believe my near-slander holds water. By deduction, the truth wins.

On a side note, Margeaux denied all my friend requests, e-mails and texts in the past 5 hours since my first post. Fickle.

engaging with our fans said...

To "So": Ah, we were wondering where our critics were these days! Please post a link to your own daily and never less than stellar (and slanderous) humor blog, and maybe we'll learn a few things from you.

To "Top Hick": I'm going as Jonathan Franzen-stein.

To the Captain: The truth will see you free.

Captain Hick said...

Oh, that's so clever! Can I be the bride?

I end end the mystery said...

She works at Tellers.


Let's try that again said...

*Excuse me. Name shoulda been: I can end the mystery. Poor editing skills. Too much Hamms, naturally.

chip said...

Thanks. I'm having brunch at Teller's right now, and I have a rather spectacular boner.