Monday, October 18, 2010

The Boys Rock Out With Their Beards Out With Blitzen Trapper, Examine the Kanye Album Cover, and Watch Jackass 3D

Now that Portland, Oregon's Blitzen Trapper have taken their "indie-folk" stylings from the hipster bars (like the Jackpot) to bigger venues (like the Granada) have their crowds followed along? Not last night. The crowd at the Granada on Saturday was sparse, but suitably beardy and beflanneled.

Chip: "My understanding of the indie-folk genre is that the beards are actually directly responsible for the sound, something about how the vocals emerge from the beer-matted beard hair of the members to produce fantastic harmonies?"

Richard: "That's right, Chip. And, while I don't completely understand the scientific basis of the phenomenon, the indie-folk movement is easly the best thing to happen to music for square hipsters such as myself since the alt-country era."

And how was the show itself? Mostly nice, with the band's harmonies filling the half-empty room with a warmth that could warm the coldest hipster heart. Like many of the indie-folkers, the Blitzen Trapper aesthetic is perhaps, above all else, about channelling The Band (Chip: "Which band?" Richard: "THE Band."), about simultaneously sounding loose and ramshackle yet perfectly controlled. At certain moments of the set (the one-two punch of "Furr" followed by "Big Black Bird"), the goal was mostly achieved (in the louder, proggier moments, much less so).

Verdict: three out of four New Belgium beer specials.


If you follow Kanye West on Twitter (and who doesn't?), you were treated to a veritable tweet-storm yesterday as Kanye reacted to the banning of his new album cover. A few of our favorite tweets:

"So Nirvana can have a naked human being on they cover but I can't have a PAINTING of a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wings"

"In the 70s album covers had actual nudity... It's so funny that people forget that... Everything has been so commercialized now."

"Banned in the USA!!! They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!"

And here's the cover:

Chip: "I'm not sure what the fuss is about. It barely even gives me a boner. Also, angels don't have tails."


Forget the Oscar-bait fare normally associated with the fall moviegoing season. What audiences really want, we learned this weekend, is to have piss and shit hurled at them in 3D. Yes, Jackass 3D set records for an October opening with an astonishing $50 million opening, leaving a little movie about Facebook in the dust.

Chip: "I saw it three times this weekend, once for each dimension."

Richard: "I saw a wonderful Australian crime film called Animal Kingdom at Liberty Hall."

Chip: "Boring."


Capt Chanute said...

I, too, braved the crowds to see Jackass 3-D this weekend and came back with mixed reviews. On the one hand, 18$/person including piece-of-shit "recyclable" glasses and online booking fee is a travesty in light of a meager hour and 25 minutes of over-the-top, idiotic stunts performed by over-the-hill frat boy. Not hip. On the other hand, feeling as if I were in the very film myself flinging shit at-, vomiting on- and pissing in the mouths of- a couple people is well worth it. Especially considering, in comparison, the premium one must pay to do fun shit like that with a prostitute.
All in all, 18$ is a fair price for sadomasochism and I highly recommend it. Jackass, that is. And I suppose the prostitute stuff too.

question said...

But is the 3D vomit as awesome as the 3D vomit in Piranha 3D? We're guessing that it is.

Howard Cosell said...

Well, I missed Blitzen Trapper, so no comment there,
but I do have a suggestion for Kanye.

The Beatles had a similar quandary with what became the White Album. Perhaps he just needs to settle on a favorite (but uncontroversial) color.