Monday, October 11, 2010

The Boys Examine the Pitch's "Best of KC" List / The LC's Pop Culture Corner Looks at Mad Men

Since doesn't do anything cool, we have to make do with cultural coverage from the Pitch, and we always enjoy their Annual "Best of KC" list, which kindly includes a few Larryville favorites as well.

Local heroes Fourth of July win Best Album for Before Our Hearts Explode with the reviewer comparing Brendan Hangauer's lyrics to Dave Eggers.

Richard: "I'll agree with this choice but only because the Transmittens don't have a new record right now."

Abe and Jake's wins the "best college dance party" award.

Chip: "I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's no better place to grind."

And the Bourgeois Pig wins "Best Neighborhood Bar" of Lawrence award: "Don't let the Marxist name fool you; the Pig is far from an elitist clique of philosophy-spewing beatniks in turtlenecks."

Richard: "True. It's also full of breast-feeding women."

Turning to KC, the best bartender award goes to Sonya Limberg at Harry's Bar and Tables in Westport, "the redhead with the extra-large smile" : "Her sass level is pitch-perfect: witty and genuine but not too boisterous. And if you prove yourself a worthy, respectful patron, there's a decent chance that Limberg will reward you with delicious "bluemenade" (Stoli Blueberi and lemonade) shots."

Readers, who is Larryville's best female bartender? Our vote: Nanda at the Replay.

And the best male bartender award for KC goes to Chad Wilson of Charlie Hooper's, "a great guy, the type who comes around to the other side of the bar to shake your hand if he hasn't seen you in a while. Crowds don't faze him, and he's been known to leap over the bar to break up a fight."

And Larryville's best male bartender? Obviously, it's Jeremy Sidener at the Tap.


The boys love Mad Men so much that they'd abandon PBR for Old-Fashioneds if they could only afford it. Is a show this intelligent, this socially and culturally aware, actually raising the discourse level among on-line talkbackers? Let's check in today over at AICN to see what folks are saying as the show nears the end of its excellent fourth season.

Crow3711 discusses Don's newest secretary: "I mean she's certainly not unattractive, at all. But piping hot? You have to make some distinctions somewhere. Piping hot she isn't. A little horse faced Imo. I mean, I'd give it to her, no doubt. But she's second-rate compared to most of the tail dons had on the show."

And Greggers has some thoughts on Joan and Betty:

Regarding Joan: "I like my women with voluptuous, but I'm beginning to think Christina Hendricks has quietly crossed the line from voluptuous to whatever is past voluptuous. Something kinda like fat."

Regarding Betty: "Like I said, I like voluptuous women, but I call shenanigans on January Jones' GQ cover. It would be awesome (for Jason Sudakis) if she were actually carrying that equipment, but I think there were some creative photography tricks going on."

Here's the GQ cover in question, so judge for yourself. The cover headline is "Mad Men's January Jones Unzips."

Chip: "I'd like to unzip her, if you catch my meaning. I mean that I would enjoy seeing the rest of her breasts."


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful but beautiful doesn't trump boring.

Chip said...


Capt Chanute said...

Disagree. Only thing that trumps beautiful for her is having a Barbie vagina (blank space), even then I could figure something out.