Friday, October 1, 2010

One Final Plug for Hurray for the Riff Raff / Garage Fest Coverage

Remember what we've been telling you to do tonight, scenesters. Enjoy the nice weather and take a relaxing stroll across the bridge to North Larryville for a Gaslight Tavern patio set by New Orleans' Hurray for the Riff Raff.

So, after this week's promotion, are the boys actually attending this show?

Chip: "Nah, I'm scared to go to the Northside after dark."

Richard: "Depends if I'm on the guest list and receiving any free swag."

We'll say this for the Riff Raff: they are touring their asses off. Look at their schedule, and maybe catch them when they come through your town:


This week we've covered the headliners at three of the four Garage Fest venues (Raveonettes at Liberty; Gories at Jackpot; Oblivians at Granada). That leaves only the Bottleneck, which offers us King Khan and the Shrines. The last time King Khan was slated to perform in Larryville, he got arrested en route, but we ended up spending a pleasant evening at the Jackpot anyway with Those Darlins', who took over the headlining slot and gave us major boners.

Chip: "Indeed, one of my major recent local musical regrets is not banging a Darlin'."

On the day before the event, has finally decided to offer up a piece about Garage Fest, so head over there to read Fally's piece on King Khan. And check in with Abner the Owl's blog to see profiles and tracks of each of the Jackpot bands:

Here's the album cover for one of the Jackpot bands called Teenager. This pic's for the ladies! We'll see you on the scene tomorrow.

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