Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Library Expansion Coverage / The Boys Consider the Brett Favre Sexting Scandal / Sexy Pick of the Day: Air Sex Competition in KC!

Perhaps due to growing opposition to the proposed $18 million dollar library expansion, alternative ideas for growth are now being considered:

"In a televised forum leading up to the Nov. 2 election, voters...also were presented with an alternative idea of creating several smaller library locations in rented space that currently sits vacant." (LJ-World)

Richard: "I'm intrigued by this. Perhaps, for instance, a space near the Replay could be used simply to house books that appeal to literary hipsters, and we could give it a catchy nickname, like 'The Chabon Station.'"

Chip: "I'm opposed, as I favor all empty storefronts being turned into new bars or restaurants, specifically sports bars and fried chicken restaurants."


This week's Brett Favre sexting scandal is, in our opinion, the greatest scandal in the sporting world since Sherron Coll.ns (allegedly) whipped his johnson out on an elevator. But what do the boys think of Favre sending photos of his crank to Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger?

Chip: "Sending a picture of one's weiner is the modern-day, high-tech equivalent of asking a girl to 'go steady.' I'm not sure why she's made a big deal of it, as I suspect the guy's got a fine-looking rod. Would I complain if Quinton's waitresses sent me pictures of their cootchies? No."

Richard: "At first I thought such behavior was maybe a tad 'forward' on Favre's part. Myself, I usually wait until after the second date before I start forwarding tallywhacker pictures, but then I looked at some photos of Sterger, and I understood completely."

Our feminist readers: "This story seems like nothing but an excuse to see how many euphemisms for penis you can use."

Chip: "Exactly right. And please rewatch this famous Monty Python skit to hear even more:



It takes a lot to get the boys to KC, but tonight's Air Sex Championships at the Crosstown Station will do the trick. So head over and watch the boys make sweet love to the air tonight. As skilled as they are at masturbation, they've got a decent shot at winning this thing!

Here's a photo from the Pitch's piece on the subject, with the caption "Slut Truffle demonstrates perfect air sex form." To be honest, we're a little confused by this photo, but certainly aroused.

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Anonymous said...

Big. Dick. Noggle.

--Every part of this sounds sexual... especially that noggling bit.