Friday, October 8, 2010

Zombie Walk Coverage

Initially an admirably weird event for freaks and hipsters, the local Zombie Walk, in its fourth year, has now mostly been ceded to the children. Fun for them, no doubt, but pretty miserable for the rest of us forced to listen to the piercing screams of middle-school girls (zombies don't emit high-pitched screams! your vocal cords are rusty from the cold, cold ground!). Anyway, here are a few pictures snagged from (who have published in an unusually timely fashion!) to amuse our out-of-town friends who miss such events.

In a sure sign that the event has become mainstream, old ladies now line the streets in lawn chairs as if they're watching the Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade:

Real zombies are too busy eating your fucking brains to stop and take a picture of themselves.

Chip: "Like so many children with 'hip' and 'progressive' Larryville parents, this poor child will be scarred forever."


@BARRR said...

I love to say this. I TOLD YOU SO!

big enough to admit it said...

Yes, @BARRR was never more right. The Zombie Walk is dead (Chip: "Get it? Get it? Because zombies are dead.").

Long live next year's hipster-friendly Chupacabras walk!