Monday, October 4, 2010

The LC Considers Garage Fest (One More Time!) and The Boys Eat Some Gourmet Hot Dogs

Sure, all of us Larryville hipsters loved every note we heard at Garage Fest, but did the bands feel as kindly toward us? Maybe not, judging from this tweet we spotted from gay-garage rockers Hunx and His Punx:

From "that garage thang we played was SRSLY lacking girls and gays. I NEVER wanna hear another boring white dude talk about records EVER again"

Chip: "I say the same thing all the time. All the time."

Readers, you should check out the comments section of Saturday's post to hear the blistering critique leveled at us from one of those boring white dudes. Sorry, our touchy friend! But we make no claims for perfect accuracy on a humor blog (Chip: "Aside from my boner jokes. I never exaggerate the size or quantity of my boners.").

Turning to other media coverage of the event, Chance Dibben has a nicely written piece in the Pitch. Dig this:

"The autumn air--crisp. The location of the venues--centralized. The hipsters--dirty, dressed in leggings and gauzy scarves. (Random notebook jot: "It's like an Urban Outfitters catalog was fucked by the "Do" section of Vice.")"

Here's Dibbens' take on Best Coast:

"Like 'em or not (I don't like them), L.A's Best Coast surprisingly translates well live. Singer Beth Cosentino was clearly high, letting out stunted nervous giggles between a couple of songs. She seemed slightly numb, yet her voice was clear and focused, especially on "Goodbye," a better track from the band's overpraised debut. (While Crazy for You isn't nearly as good as people are making it out to be, it does have one of the best album covers of the year.)"

We're not sure about whether she was high or not, but he's certainly right about that last statement. We've showcased the cover before, but here it is again.

Chip: "My favorite part is the kitty cat."

Our twitter-buddy chewyfally has uploaded the already legendary little-girl-on-stage-with-Best-Coast moment to Youtube, so you should probably check it out if you weren't hip enough to be there in person:


If you're like the boys, you love eating ridiculous gourmet hot dogs almost as much as you love eating ridiculous gourmet burgers. The current INK magazine offers a useful guide to the newest gourmet sensation: the piece is called "Haute Dogs" (Chip: "Is that a pun? I don't get it.").

Profiled first (of course) is Krause's "rabbit dog":

"Yep, this hot dog really is made with rabbit meat. Chef Simon Bates makes sausages by adding caraway seeds, onion, garlic, coriander and cumin to the meat, which is sweet and mildly gamey. To make the Rabbit Dog, he grills one of the sausages, slides it into a bun and slathers on jalapeño-apple jam, made from fresh jalapeños, brown sugar and Granny Smith apples. A sprinkling of greens and homemade roasted carrot ketchup (get it?) finish off the dog. The result: an incredibly juicy dog that nicely balances savory and sweet."

Richard: "I was tempted to ask, Does a hot dog need 'greens' on it? But then I remembered the better question: does a hot dog need to be made out of a fucking rabbit?"

The article focuses largely on dogs from KC's Dog Nuvo, such as Le Poodle Dog:

"This uber-gourmet hot dog is an ode to France. Chef Marshall Röth loads it with boeuf bourguignon, a classic French comfort food made with stewed meat, mushrooms, carrots, onions, bacon and Burgundy wine. Then he melts funky-in-a-good-way brie cheese over the top and sprinkles on radish slices that resemble confetti. Pinot noir mustard finishes Le Poodle off. Only in America ..."

Chip: "I'll accept the fact that the Frenchies have cornered the market on fries, but I want my hot dog to remain American, thank you very much."

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