Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Boys Mingle With the Beautiful People at the Replay's Fashion Monsters Fashion Show

Readers, it's too bad that the LC can't afford to hire an official staff photographer, because much of what we witnessed at the fourth annual Replay Fashion Monsters Fashion Show gave us a boner. Hopefully, in a few months, L-Com and A. Ruscin will offer up some "party pics" of the event. Until then, let us know if you have some good photos we can borrow for humorous purposes.

Although we enjoyed the show, our appearance there was brief (we stayed till intermission), primarily because we found the overpacked crowd annoying. It's too bad the doormen can't administer some sort of hipster-quiz to weed out the element that doesn't really belong at such an event, such as the following people:

1) The drunk guy behind us who was loudly heckling the opening spiel about the Social Service league (yes, the spiel was too long and should have been saved for intermission, particularly after we'd all been made to wait an extra 35 minutes after the posted start-time, but it's a good charity, so shut up and wait five more minutes!).

2) The two (very young, surely too young to be there) dudes standing near us who stayed for only one group of models while proclaiming the event to be "totally gay" (Chip: "It's a fashion show, dummies!) and "totally retarded." They soon decided to "bounce" and "get their drink on" at the Jazzhaus. Too bad they didn't stay to witness the Westboro Baptist-inspired models (carrying "God hates PBR!" and "God hates after-parties!" signs), whose performance included an impressively protracted make-out session between two young men (Chip: "I honestly thought those guys were going to fuck onstage, and I found myself to be surprisingly okay with that.").

Verdict: two out of four PBR's, because it was damn near impossible to get to the bar to fetch another and because the event (at least the first half) was not always as horror-film inspired as we had been led to believe.


Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty bad ass. Much akin to riding a TRX or a Yamaha Grizzly. Maybe it's something in our blood that we can, ya know, get hard riding bad ass trade vehicles.

chip said...

I'm not sure what Anonymous is talking about, or even if he's talking to us, but I tend to agree with his opinions.