Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Boys Get Their Podcast On With BARRR! / Also: An Important New Film List

If there's one thing that scenesters love right now, it's podcasts about music, film, art, etc. But local man-about-town BARRR has discovered that a podcast can be more than something to amuse yourself while riding your bike to Jensen's to pick up some cheap beer. As it turns out, the recording of a podcast can also be an occasion to get a (very small) group of scenesters together to drink cheap beer at the Jackpot and cheer while BARRR interviews local banjo plucker Sam Billen (who told us about his days on a "Christian commune" outside of Larryville) and the remnants of former musical collective Mammoth Life, who are now drifting in a more "twee" direction (good choice, ML, but don't forget that NO ONE can out-twee the Transmittens). Also on tap last night were ML's "uniform" designer, who explained his design process (something to do with cow urine and putting "found objects on top of found objects") and DJ's Josh Powers and Aaron Marable, along with performances from the artists and BARRR's patented freestyling! Would the boys attend such an event again? Sure, and especially if BARRR interviewed us about the LC.

Chip: "But would I remain in persona or would I let listeners meet the real me?"

Richard: "Let's worry about that when the time comes, Kip. I mean, Chip."

Verdict: three out of four Shiner Bock Monday night beer specials (we're docking one Bock because no one ever offered us one of those free posters we were supposed to get for being one of the first 30 in the door).

Check out the podcasts and the live recording (coming soon) via the link in our sidebar. If you hear someone clapping in an extra hip manner, that's us!


Readers, there's a LOT of information on the web, and not all of it gives us a boner, but we were very aroused yesterday upon discovering a list at the AV Club of 19 films and television episodes that open with sex scenes. At the #1 position is a nice choice: Laurel Canyon. Indeed, any film that opens with Kate Beckinsale having an orgasm is aces in our book). Some of our other favorites on the list are Betty Blue (which played an important role in young Richard's artsy-film awareness), the "Right Place, Wrong Time" episode of HBO's Treme ("There may be no bolder opening shot on television this year than a tight close-up of Wendell Pierce’s thrusting ass at the beginning of Treme’s third episode."), and the Japanese film called The Wayward Cloud:

"She lies on a bed, naked from the waist down, with half the watermelon positioned between her legs. What follows is one of the most inexplicably outrĂ© “sex scenes” of all time, as Tsai’s usual lead actor, Lee Kang-sheng, proceeds to lick, finger, and otherwise molest the woman via the watermelon, as if she actually had a giant fruit for genitalia. (Even when he finally screws her, he’s wearing the watermelon rind as a hat.)"

Chip: "I have GOT to try this."

The AV Club article is called "Start With a Bang" (get it? get it?!). Go here to read it, watch some of the scenes, and adjust your Netflix queue accordingly:



@BARRR said...

Thanks for coming out. I can't believe you didn't snag a poster! I've got some left...for sure. I had them on a table with a big FREE sign! I'll keep a couple in the car for next time I see you.

old man arts supporter said...

Yeah, it was fun. I enjoy events that start prior to midnight. Still waiting for Mr. Bunnyfield to inaugurate his new website that will render L-com competely irrelevant!

Dr. C said...

Those AV-Club guys know how to put together a good list. I guess Femme Fatale doesn't make it because th sex doesn't start until after the credits?