Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, Hipsters!

Were you out last night? Did you see us at a table at the Replay, dressed as our blog personas, Chip and Richard, and sitting with Lisa P (of Adventureland) and The Crow (who kept unhappily being mistaken for a member of Insane Clown Posse)? Well, we saw you, and we liked some of your costumes, perhaps especially the Yip Yip Martian from Sesame Street, who seemed to be having such a nice time dancing by himself in front of the DJ dressed as Prince. Props also to the guy dressed as "Shark Week" and to Kenny Fucking Powers, shouting Powers-isms across the room.

Yet somehow we felt that the hippest of the hip were not out last night, perhaps ceding Halloween-eve to the drunken amateurs and saving themselves for something tonight that's so hip that the poseurs don't know about it (such as the Bates Motel party hosted by the Burger Stand's Chef Bates, which will no doubt feature some delicious Hitchcockian inspired foodstuffs).

What else is hip tonight? Let us know, but chances are you'll find us in front of a television, eating delicious Halloween candy and watching AMC's The Walking Dead.

Are the horror fanboys excited? You fucking bet they are! And of course they've already downloaded and watched the leaked pilot last week. Let's take a look at an AICN review from PlayerHater_of_the_year: "Damn good show. First time I ever saw horse get eaten by zombies."

We're sold. Thanks, AMC!


Capt. Cha-nasty said...

Have the bloggers seen the Brit Zombie mini-series "Dead Set?" Pretty fuckin stellar in the Captain's opinion.

As noted by the NYTimes Friday-ish, zombie flicks are way cooler than vampire flicks, who have turned totally pussy recently in the pursuit of attracting younger viewers. Zombie flicks remain masculine, emphasizing brutal violence and firepower as protection as well as fast, cool cars for getaways. I have pursued these things since my youth in SE Kansas, so it's right up my alley.

But I digress, Dead Set is centered around the reality TV show "Big Brother." As the latest housemate is evicted, there is a zombie outbreak and the only safehouse is the Big Brother house! Aside from the remaining perverts and retards in the house, a few of the production crew (a cutey assistant and a foul-mouthed executive whose garish vulgarity would quiet even the foul King Tosser) manage to hole themselves up on the set in hopes of hashing a[n entertaining] plan. I won't give away the ending, but it's got a Brit twist (if you know the difference between the movie and the book, A Clockwork Orange, you can probably guess).

In close, I highly suggest a quick viewing: it's only 5 episodes and it moves quick. I even suggest it for our classier readers, as there's a glance of some titties in the fourth episode that makes it worth its while. All in all, the Captain wishes everyone a very Happy Halloween. Cheers!

horse-eating zombie said...

I read the reviews of Dead Set last week and was intrigued, but haven't seen it yet. Will definitely watch at some point, upon the Captain's recommendation (as the Captain's taste is known to be exquisite: Eastbound, Always Sunny, etc).