Friday, October 29, 2010

Sexy Pick of the Weekend and Your Weekend Hipster Itinerary

Sure, you COULD spend your Halloween weekend doing the normal scenester Larryville activities (ironically enjoying the Hall and Oates cover band at the Replay), but if you're more adventurous, like the boys, you could attend BOOBtacular Halloween Weekend. The Pitch tipped us off to this important event, which is a three-day house party hosted by "KC's longest-operating lifestyle-friendly club" (Club Erotica KC). The event begins today at an "undisclosed swinger location" which features an "indoor hot tub, love pit, massage table, stripper pole, and pool table."

Chip: "I'll bet the pool table is for fucking on as much as it is for playing billiards."

The event is free for single women but $75 for single men. We suspect it's worth it.

Go to www.cluberotica.kc if you're ready to swing (with Chip).


If you remain in Larryville, you'll want to begin your evening at Final Fridays. Go here to check out @BARRR's interview with Briana Lauterbach, who makes art AND co-directs a bicycle collective:

Then go to the Percolator and try to beat us to the punch in purchasing Mike Hoffman's portrait of "Zombie Sal Maglie":

And later in the evening you'll naturally want to visit the Replay's Fashion Monsters fashion show ("Nightmare on Mass. Street"), which features models "wearing new takes on classic scary films such as The Birds and A Clockwork Orange." There are always costumed Clockwork "droogs" at the Replay on Halloween, so now they'll be onstage as well.

And on Saturday at 8:00, you'll want to hit the Love Garden to celebrate the release of Drakkar Sauna's 45 on Jack White's Third Man record label. Here's the info from the record label:

"For their Blue 45 Drakkar Sauna perform the original compositions Leave That Hole Alone which questions the existence of anything beyond the self, even the suffering of saints; and Brundlefly, My Chariot which drinks deep, so as to taste of the plasma spring."

Chip: "I was hoping a song called 'Leave That Hole Alone' would be a little...sexier."

Richard: "To be honest, I grew sort of weary of Drakkar's eccentricity awhile back, but I never tire of their song titles. 'Brundlefly!' Fantastic Cronenberg reference, gents!"


Anonymous said...

isn't the drakkar sauna show tomorrow night?

good catch! said...

Damn, you're right. Made sense that it would be during Final Fridays. But it isn't.