Saturday, October 2, 2010

The LC Gets Hip at Love Garden's Garage Fest Pre-Party!

Readers, were you hip enough to attend the pre-fest in-store performances at Love Garden last night, complete with the last minute addition of legendary Memphis garage-rocker Greg Oblivian [we accidentally called him Jack, but have now corrected our mistake thanks to touchy hipster in comments section!] who served up a beautiful half-hour solo set unlikely to be topped by today's let-s-turn-everything-up-to-eleven mentality? Were the scenesters in attendance actually familiar with the work of the Oblivians? Unlikely, since Jack's request to shout out songs for him to play was greeted with stone silence from the crowd aside from one bespectacled hipster who shouted out "Medication Blues" (either his musical knowledge outshone the rest of us or he'd been doing some interweb research: either way, we hope that his hipster-knowledge got him laid last night). Also on the bill was San Francisco's Nodzzz, with wonderfully chirpy ditties like "Controlled Karaoke" ("lalalalala this song is funny!"). It was enough to make the most hardened hipster smile (slightly). Check out Nodzzz rocking the 5:00 slot at Bottleneck this evening, and be sure to shout loudly for "Controlled Karaoke," which local rock critic King Tosser has pronounced "possibly the unofficial anthem of the entire festival" (this is a loosely paraphrased quote, since we'd had a bunch of Love Garden Hamm's by this point).

In perhaps the oddest moment of the evening, local mentally-disabled downtown fixture Dennis approached the band between songs with a strange and unintelligible warning, prompting a few hipsters to shout "Dennis has an announcement to make, give him the mic," proving that a certain kind of dumbass local hipster is little better than the frat boys they detest (aside from the superior musical taste of the hipster, of course). Once he had the mic, Dennis seemed to be telling the band (and the rest of us) that they needed to get off-stage in five minutes, which may have been true: the set WAS running a bit late. So thank you, Dennis. And fuck you, hipsters, for publicly laughing at him. Did you ridicule any fat women on your way home? Or tip over any wheelchairs?


EW said...


Lawrence's finest blog critiquer said...

It was Greg "Oblivian" Cartwright, not Jack Oblivian. People requested 4 or 5 songs that he jumped right into. Most of the tunes were Reigning Sound tunes, not Oblivians tunes. Got any more short-sighted hipster angles to work?

Back to the Rathaus for my local blog inputs. Bye-Bye.

You've been called out for being clueless. OUCH!

we won't miss you much said...

Since you don't seem to get that this is a HUMOR blog written by someone who knows he isn't hip and deliberately distorts half of what's written for atempted comic effect (funny or no).

But I suppose we SHOULD have gotten the name right. We'll accept that critique.