Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Downtown Larryville Makes Another Prestigious List! / Recent Concert Reviews / Hipster and Geek Pick of the Day

According to a report in the LJ-World today, Massachusetts Street has been named one of the "Ten Best Streets" in the nation by the American Planning Association.

Chip: "I'm dubious of this list, since New Orleans' Bourbon Street is not in the top ten. How can Mass. Street be better than a street which contains a lot of titty bars and Hurricane stands. Answer: it can't."

And how do the on-line talkbackers feel?

Healthcare_Moocher says: "Backing out of a parking place and hitting a bicycle. Dog crap on the sidewalk. The smell of BO and pacholi oil. Inflated sales taxes that fund empT busses. kind of place."


We didn't make it to the Menomena show at the Bottleneck last night, but according to the Pitch their "abstract art-rock" was served up quite nicely, even without our presence. Here's an excerpt from the Pitch review:

"The baritone sax -- perhaps Menomena's signature instrument -- almost didn't make an appearance during the night's set, after it was broken in an "emo freakout" during a concert in Atlanta. (Pleading to Lawrencians over Twitter, the band promised V.I.P. passes, karma, and high-fives to anyone that would let them borrow a sax.)"

So, which local scenester loaned them the sax? If you're reading this, we'll buy you a beer, as we wouldn't have wanted Larryville to be denied an "emo freakout" of its own.


We're a sucker for any band with a costume, so we'll certainly see you tonight at the Peelander-Z show at the Replay, which should provide a nice opportunity for hipsters and geeks to mingle. Here's the band's Myspace bio and a photo:

"PEELANDER-Z, the Japanese Action Comic Punk Band based in NYC, was originally formed in 1998 by Peelander-Yellow, Peelander-Red, and Peelander-Blue, after meeting in New York City (although they'll tell you they're all from the Z area on the planet Peelander). Peelander-Green was welcomed in July 2008 after Blue left the band...

At their live show, you'll see the band in colorful costumes reminiscent of Japanese Animation, though they describe their outfit as their skin. Their shows guarantee intense audience participation and chance to exercise with the band. "Do human bowling with us. Do limbo dancing with us. Do karaoke competition with us. Hit our cowbell with us," says Yellow. "Don't be shy, give us your smile! We can beat your stress! See you at our show!"

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