Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another "Spot That Scenester" Contest / Geek Pick of the Week: Game Crush

A. Ruscin is back on with photos from the Sept. 12 King Congo Powers show at the Jackpot, so make sure to check out the display and look at all your favorite local rockabilly cats.

But who are these two scenesters? And where can we get a Palomino shirt? We'll buy a Hamm's for anyone who can identify either or both of these folks?


Lonely, geeky gamers are in for a treat with a new website. For a (fairly significant) price, you can sign up to play your favorite games with an attractive woman:

m>"The Web site pays girls to play video games and live-chat with gamers (presumably somewhat lonely gamer boys), who pay for the privilege...A Player (yes, they're called "Players") buys points--500 cost $8.25--and uses them to buy "game time" with a PlayDate (yes, they're called PlayDates)...Players browse through PlayDate profiles, and once they find one they're interested in they can send a gaming invite." (interweb).

Chip: "This sounds fantastic, but I'll need to find a game that I can play with one hand, as my other hand is likely to be occupied, if you catch my meaning. I mean that I'll be masturbating."

Richard: "I'm booking a Playdate with Lala10089 this afternoon. Her profile catchphrase is 'Bitches don't know about my jetpack.' Check her out:

Go here and sign up:


@BARRR said...

Hey, that's my main man MASON! #BOOM! His parents are great patrons of the arts in Lawrence! You guys now owe me a 12 pack of Hamms....HA!

@BARRR said...

Mason is on the left btw...

dj gloria vanderbilt said...

The other dude is Clayton.

two Hamms, coming up said...

The scenesters have been spotted.

We'll play a few months when Ruscin posts some more pics!