Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Boys Spend a Sophisticated Evening in the Theatre / Also, Style Scout and Final Fridays, Part III

The boys aren't always huge fans of musical theater (Chip: "Well, I do like Annie, that spunky little redhead. And Cats, of course. And Nunsense. I'm a sucker for a singing nun."). But they couldn't resist the lure of Spring Awakening last night at the Lied Center, a Tony-award winning Broadway musical featuring "brief nudity."

Richard: "I was on the fence about going at first. And then I came across this line in a review: 'There are other funny songs, like the ensemble number "My Junk," in which Devon Stone sings while masturbating in time under his nightshirt.' At that point, I knew I would pay any price to see this."

Chip: "The show is remarkable in its use of conservative, repressive late-19th century German society as a way of drawing parallels to our contemporary era. And I also liked the use of titties just prior to intermission, except that it gave me such a boner I couldn't even leave my seat during the 20 minute break."

Richard: "The late-play circle jerk, too, was also wonderfully symbolic of a world whose repressive values have locked its members into these unfruitful, unsatisfying, often perverse cycles of behavior."

Chip: "Well, in rural Kansas we don't consider a circle jerk to be perverse or unsatisfying, but I did think it was one of the most realistic stage portrayals of a circle jerk I've ever seen."

Verdict: a standing ovation (Chip: "And, yes, there's a boner joke embedded in that verdict, if you catch my meaning.").


Now that we've complained to this morning about their tardiness in publishing this week's Style Scout, they have remedied the situation and rewarded us with a look at David Hall, originally of Colombia, Missouri, who describes his style as "old-school prep Americana" and would like to see less "sidewalk hecklers and Missouri haters" in Larryville.

Chip: "Go back to Missoura, preppie!"

Take a look. Stylish, or no?


Tomorrow offers the third installment of Larryville's Final Fridays art walk and today we opt to promote The Percolator, which hasn't received much attention here of late but brings us a spooky opening tomorrow called "Imagined Ghosts: Tributes for Halloween and Day of the Dead." Artist Mike Hoffman is known for his "tramp art carving," which strikes us as very intriguing. Tramps as in hobos? Or tramps as in Quinton's waitresses? Either way, it's probably worth a look. See you there.

And head over to The Rathaus for extensive coverage of Final Fridays (remember the days when we might have said instead of The Rathaus?):


Nick said...

I hold out hope that "tramp art carving" means that someone's possibly getting deep into the Halloween spirit and taking a wood knife to a hobo.

hobo carving said...

The best way to carve a hobo is with...a railroad spike!