Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vote No On Library? / Spot That Scenester / The Boys Gaze at Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

Readers, if you're a true local progressive, you've been shocked and outraged lately by a series of "Vote No For the Library" signs that have been popping up around town and threatening your sense of civic superiority. Luckily, the LJ-World today solves the mystery of where they are coming from. They are made by Micah Garber, owner of Garber Automotive, who says:

“I’ve seen a lot of the Vote Yes for the Library signs and I hadn’t seen any vote no signs. I just wanted to make sure people knew it was OK to think differently than everybody else.”

A chorus of local progressives: "It's certainly NOT okay when it comes to our library, Garber. We NEED an elegant reading room overlooking scenic Watson Park."

A. Rusc.n is back with "party pics" from the recent Kaw Valley Kickball Classic, which means we're back with another round of "Spot That Scenester" (which means that @BARRR is probably going to win his sixth straight PBR).

So, a free beer goes to the first to identify the scenesters in this strangely terrifying photo:


Each year the boys falsely believe that the "Sexiest Woman Alive" is one of their Quinton's waitresses, but each year Esquire comes along and corrects them. This year's sexiest woman alive is Minka Kelly, of Friday Night Lights. We can't argue much, as we've wanted to bone her since Episode 1.

Parents Television Council: "But she plays a high-schooler!"

Here's a picture from Esquire:

Chip: "The mirror serves here as a metaphor for celebrity narcissism but also serves as a way to reveal both ass and breasts in the same shot. It's as clever as it is boner-inducing."


Ben said...

I'm not sure who the Scenester is but Kevin Barnes would like to invite him on the next Of Montreal tour.

more Monae, less Barnes! said...

Yeah, this is actually freakier than most of what I witnessed at Of Montreal.

T-Bone said...

Hmm, looks like Cap'n Pando. I bet later that night he took your money at the Jackpot door.

You guys are so right, i can't believe Kevin Barnes didn't kidnap him on the spot since he also worked stage crew at the Janelle Monae show last saturday. (see what i did there?!)

I believe all this information is worthy of (a) ignoring the fact that I did not identify his horse, and (B) TWO PBRs.

Koko the Monkey said...

Impressive scenester knowledge, T-Bone. Two beers indeed. But we DO need to know who that horse is. Where is @BARRR when he's needed? Or maybe the horse IS @BARRR?

Also, have any of you noticed that sexy picture of Minka Kelly?

@BARRR said...

I will now weigh in...I've been busy furiously fighting with ex lawrence.com staffer Richard Gintowt in our Fantasy Football league for 24 hrs....it consumed me from Sunday night up until 30 mins ago...we talked it out in the Lawrence Arts Center gallery. Yes, that is Aaron Pando. First name points? Doesn't matter...you owe me a twelver at this point. PS. Of Montreal sucks!

hipster santa said...

We know what Barrr's getting for Christmas. 12 pack of Hamm's!

what's become of this place? said...

I wonder if that New York piece about hipsters pointed out the fact that they managed to ignore Minka Kelly, and instead talked incessantly about kickball, Of Montreal, Captain riding a man-pony, and Kevin Barnes. Chip may be on to something...