Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Music Guide

Some of you younger scenesters should drop by the Replay for tonight's "matinee" (6:00-9:00) and learn a few things from the older, wiser scenester crowd who will be in attendance for Cryin' Out Loud (featuring members of beloved, blast-from-the-past Larryville bands such as Micronotz, Ricky Dean Sinatra, and Get Smart). And perhaps some of you whippersnappers could enlighten the geezer crowd regarding current bands who tend to play long after the old folks are in bed. The locals are opening for the Velcro Lewis Group, described in this fashion on the interwebs: "Chicagos R&B rockers the Velcro Lewis Group are the band that the Eagles of Death Metal should aspire to be." Plus, they use an electric washboard. Count us in.

Also tonight: Dumptruck Butterlips take the stage at the Jazzhaus. We like their name, one of them is a skilled hula-hooper, and they tend to jam a lot at our friend Mick's house.

Saturday night: HipBilly is at the Bottleneck. Their name does not convince us they are hip, but we've been wrong about such things before.

Also Saturday night: The local music showcase StimPac 5 hits the Granada, featuring three stages. We've never attended and remain baffled at how the Granada can have three stages (main room, lounge, and ?), but the event is jampacked with bands, including a few scenester-approved names such as Burger Kingdom and recent Farmer's Ball winners The WillNots.

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