Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Week in Kansas News: Sam Brownback Fights Art / An Important Tip From An Anonymous Tipster

Like Mr. Show's Senator Tankerbell, Governor Brownback wishes he could be everywhere that people are "doing art," so that he could see it before the public and make sure that we aren't "titillated or aroused or in any way confused by the counterculture." Brownback's plan to phase out state tax funding for the arts has Larryville progressives up in arms, as we can see from this LJ-World talkback:

Swan_Diver says: "Kansans are about to get exactly what they deserve: a culturally-gutted wasteland, and a growing class of wealthy business interests stealing everything that's left in the public trough, with impunity. Meanwhile, the Gestapo will be well-nourished, and on the lookout for anyone with an education. Enjoy yourselves folks."

Chip: "Swan_Diver forgets that many Kansans not only deserve, but desire, a 'culturally-gutted wasteland' that will keep them from accidentally tripping over a piece of art on their daily rounds."

Booyalab takes a more hopeful approach: "I'm a fiscally conservative artist myself and I don't find this issue tough at all. Let's be honest. Publicly funded art stinks."

And then there's Smokie408, who finally plays the Hitler-card: "Sounds like your hero Hitler, he too did not understand art either."

Join the thought-provoking talkback here:



Normally our Anonymous commenters only stop by to tell us how much we suck, but occasionally a wonderfully useful bit of info appears, such as yesterday's tip that both a roommate of Lisa Morrissey and another friend have blogs containing Bachelor coverage (Chip: "Thank you, Anonymous! This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received."). Make sure to visit the addresses below for a clip of Lisa performing some martial arts and a rundown of the exact times in the episodes where you can get your Lisa-fix:

Part 1:
2:16, 4:14-4:16, 18:29, 18:39-19:32, 20:00-20:05
Her first on camera interview: 21:04-21:09
Her preggers scene: 22:51-53, 23:10-11, 23:36-24:30
Pool Scene: 33:39, 33:57

Part 2:
Rose Ceremony: 29:57, 30:18-19, 30:44, 30:45, 30:50-30:57

Richard: "Her preggers scene? Hold on! What have I missed? Sure, I quit watching after the first week due to the lack of Lisa-coverage, but surely that no-good Bachelor hasn't gone and knocked her up already?"

Here are the blog addresses:



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