Friday, January 28, 2011

We Celebrate 150 Years of Kansas!

Sure, like most residents of Larryville, we spend 364 days of the year pretending like the rest of Kansas doesn't exist. But one day a year we're capable of setting aside our issues with all those ignorant, cornfed Republicans that reside outside Douglas County and celebrating Kansas in its entirety, from the Garden of Eden in Lucas to the gate of hell in Stull. This year's 150th birthday is certainly being acknowledged in Larryville (we've already showcased Free State Brewery's costume contest), but an article in today's LJ-World regarding the centennial celebrations of fifty years ago made us wish that Larryville had gone all out for the 150th:

"... many, many others talk about the beards that men all across Kansas grew to celebrate the state’s 100th birthday...An article in the Lawrence Journal-World proclaimed April 30 as the “last legal day” that men over 21 could shave in Kansas. Those who preferred not to grow whiskers had to purchase a $2 shaving permit button that was to be worn at all times in public. In June, 82 men competed in a contest at the Hotel Eldridge for longest, prettiest, most unique, ugliest, thickest and most colorful beards."

What a missed opportunity for this weekend. At the very least, we should have had a scenester mustache competition. Oh well. Enjoy your Kansas Day, readers, and we'll see you at Free State tomorrow. In the meantime, gaze upon these ancient scenesters and their mighty beards! Ralph Hoffman (top right) took home a well-deserved "prettiest" beard award. (thanks to the LJ-World for the photo, and to an LC reader for the tip on the photo).


Vive la Kansas said...

Did you see the photo gallery? Between the downtown hobos and the scenesters at the Replay I think we can still give these six guys a run for their money.

beard enthusiast said...

Thanks. We missed the photo. It seems like a well-judged contest: Ralph Hoffman's is definitely the "prettiest!"