Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Week in Local Sports: The Controversial Return of Mario Little

Just a few weeks (and six games) after his suspension due to charges of battery, criminal trespassing, and criminal damage to property, Coach Self has okayed Mario Little's return after Mario received a "diversion agreement" on the case. How do the boys feel?

Chip: "Well, these are serious charges. I mean, it's not like our old friend Sherron Collins showing his johnson to a lady on an elevator, which I've always written off as youthful exuberance. But, at the same time, it IS conference season and Releford is injured. So I support the decision 100%."

Richard: "As do I. He just needs to learn to channel that impulse to shove women into sinks into sinking some buckets."

Coach Self is under fire in the LJ-World talkbacks from the always-vocal contingent that likes to rail about the corruption of the athletics department.

In case you've forgotten any former and present players' indiscretions, "That's Messed Up" provides a useful, if lengthy, reminder:

"Sherron Collins sexually assaulted a woman in an elevator 8 months prior to the national title season. KBI lab was "under renovation" so evidence didn't get processed. He should have never played that year. Duh-rell Arthur had his grades changed in high school-"not KU's fault". He should have never played that same season. Morris Twins get drunk freshman year and shoot up an elderly lady on campus with BB guns-"boys being boys no problem". Morris twins and Tyshawn "SmackYoMouth" Taylor beat up the football team and throw them down the stairs between classes then fight them again the next day. No big deal. Morningstar goes to prep school for 3 or 4 years then comes to play at the age of 22. Now he's like 25 with a DUI. He also hit Denis Clemente in the groin during the game against K-State but acted all innocent. Entire bench made racist comments toward Clemente during that game. Little beats girlfriend and others-good to go. Win-at-all-costs at KU. Always has been, always will be."

But a few other voices are defending Self's decision.

Big Al sarcastically asks: "What do some of you want Coach Self to do, shoot him? Hang him?"

Our feminist readers: "For starters."


beth said...

I thought you were going to update us on whether that girl from Quinton's got another rose this week... since THE BACHELOR is one of the few shitty reality shows that I actually DON'T watch.

Meanwhile, are you watching TOP CHEF?

And will you ever update your movie blog again???

Anonomous Demanding old Cranks said...

So you guys are just going to read the LJworld now and report it to us?

Get off your twits and get back to writing dammit!

Anonymous said...

Was Big Al's comment unconsciously racist to suggest hanging a Black man?

Big Al said...


Lisa-watcher said...

Actually, it's just too dull to watch in its entirety. But, yes, the former waitress remains for a few more weeks (according to internet spoilers!).

Still watching Top Chef. Great season. But why did they kick all the hot ladies off?

No one reads the movie blog but you and Matthew. We should start...Skyping or something.

Old Cranks, yes, the new LC just compiles the few good bits from the LJ-World website. We read it so you don't have to.

beth said...

Dude, I know! I couldn't believe Elia was gone by episode one! The hot men of Top Chef (Jeff and Sam) didn't even make the cut, though.

Speaking of blogs nobody else reads, I wrote a Best and Worst Movies of 2010 post if you'd like to check it out.