Monday, January 10, 2011

Larryville Gets Disrespected / The Bachelor Coverage

Sure, Republican State Representative Anthony Brown of Eudora's critique of Larryville is last week's news, but the debate is ongoing in online talkbacks.

At an event in downtown Larryville, Brown asserted that "KU and Lawrence are not very well-respected" due to their extreme liberalism. The LJ-World reports:

"He said many people across the state see Lawrence as too liberal. Brown said he sees signs in local businesses that read "Free Republic of Lawrence. "That needs to change," he said."

Chip: "When you think about, it really isn't too much to ask for us to be a little less tolerant in keeping with the general mood of the state."

Let's check in with the talkbackers.

Dulcinea47 says: "I would like to see his evidence that KU & Lawrence are so disliked by the rest of the state. So far, all I see is a statement of his own opinion. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't like Lawrence but I'm not sure it's an overwhelming opinion like this guy seems to think."

Chip: "Obviously, Dulcinea47 has never been to the town square in any number of southeast Kansas towns for their annual weekend chants of 'Gay-U! Gay-U!'"

Frightwig offers an interesting and kindhearted suggestion: "He's probably a decent guy deep down inside. His comments merely sound like that of a person who hasn't had much interaction with other cultures. I'm guessing that he lived his entire life in a small town, doesn't have a passport and still refers to Asian people as "Orientals". Rather than hate the guy, we should take the high road and help him. Can some of this town's friendliest hippies invite him over for dinner?"

And "tolawdjk" joins the many talkbackers who have decided that the best response to Brown's bashing of Larryville is to bash Eudora: "Wasn't Eudora where a black man was arrested for suspiciously mowing a yard?"


Don't forget that tonight brings Episode 2 of the new season of The Bachelor, and hopefully we'll see a bit more of our former waitress Lisa Morrissey than we did last week. Here's an interweb teaser for tonight's show: "At the stressful and dramatic cocktail party, the drama erupts again as two women face off in a verbal battle for the ages. Brad attempts to comfort each woman in the middle of the snarling catfight..."

Our feminist readers: "Shameful. Whatever happened to reality shows that sought to empower women, such as The Cougar?"

Chip: "If I were allowed to write ad copy for this show, it would read as such: 'When the claws come out, some little black cocktail dresses are gonna get ripped wide open and boners across the nation are going to rise!'"


Capt Liberal said...

I find the comments about Lawrence rather uplifting. If the conservative big wigs hold such a powerful image of undaunted liberalism in Lawrence, their lack of knowledge is not only sufficient but also empowering to our Larryville liberal agenda. Thank you, neo-cons, for your myopia and unconscious, untested fear of our political views.

SHOUT PEACE! said...

Exactly right, Captain. And it's about time to vandalize the Oread again...very liberally, perhaps with a Free Republic of Lawrence message.