Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tattoo of the Week / A KC Scenester Party

Thanks to the Pitch for tipping us off to this story, which you've likely spotted on as well. It's the tale of Kat Steward, from Overland Park, who has a magnificent tattoo of all things Jayhawk basketball on her back.

Read the ESPN piece (and see a picture of Kat posing with Coach Self) here:

Chip: "Admittedly, it's a fantastic tattoo, but a more honest one would include at least a small representation of a knife-fight, an elevator cockshow, or a good old-fashioned sink-shoving."

Click to enlarge.


You all know what a Larryville scenester party looks like, but does a KC scenester party look any different? A Pitch slideshow helps us answer that question. Click to enlarge the photo below from a Ssion gig in the Crossroads district and see if you can spot the primary differences. An answer key is below, and feel free to add your own observations to the comments.

1) Those are High-Life cans being hoisted, and while the Champagne of Beers, served in cans, is increasingly catching on in Larryville, we're still largely stuck in PBR-land.

2) In Larryville, cowboys are not often invited to scenester parties.

3) Larryville scenesters don't dance (now that NEON has ended its run).


gucci said...

They look too happy for Lawrence.

@BARRR said...

...ha. pretty sure cowboys don't wear cowboy hats inside. dorks do.