Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Boys Watch The Bachelor / Spot That Scenester

If you're like the boys, you spend a lot of time around the watercooler discussing the results of the previous night's reality shows. The appearance of a former Quinton's waitress on The Bachelor has made this even more exciting, since we can now constantly expound on how many beers she served us back in the day.

Lisa Morrisey made a memorable, if corny, entrance on the show last night, dressed in a pair of ruby-red slippers and quoting The Wizard of Oz in connection to her Kansas roots. "There's no place like home," she said, following it up with a seductive line to the bachelor about how she hoped to take him home to meet her parents.

Chip: "When I was an eligible bachelor hanging out at Quinton's, she never made any such bold overtures toward me."

After her entrance, Lisa mostly faded into the background for the rest of the show, surviving the first round of ten cuts but not appearing prominently in teasers for the coming weeks. Website critics have pronounced her "a touch too tan." We predict her appearance on the show, like her days at Quinton's, will be short-lived but destined to be fondly remembered in our hearts and boners for years to come.


A. Rusc.n was on the scene at the Murder By Death show at the Granada on New Year's Eve and her Party Pics are up at Lawrence.com. We're especially fond of this scenester, posing with a PBR. Identify him and win a beer.

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