Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pop Culture Corner: MTV's Skins / Local Band of the Week: Latenight Callers

American remakes of popular British series never seem to go out of style. Syfy has recently begun airing its American take on Being Human, the story of a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost who share an apartment together (Richard: "This is one of the single greatest ideas I've heard. I only wish they'd add a zombie, a Frankenstein's monster, and a mummy. But I suppose that might get implausible. Would there really be room for them all in the same apartment?"). And MTV is now airing its controversial American take on Skins, which examines high-school sex and drugs and has already been singled out by the Parents Television Council, who have now moved on from their outrage over sexy Glee pictures to declare: "'Skins' may well be the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen." Reportedly, MTV is worried that future episodes (particularly the third episode) may actually put them in danger of child pornography laws.

Chip: "If this show accidentally gives me a boner, will I be arrested, or won't I? I better stick with Jersey Shore."


We've already showcased what's likely to be the weekend's most important event: the KAWR/community radio fundraiser this Saturday at Liberty Hall. But we want to further promote the Latenight Callers, slated to make their official Larryville debut at the benefit. Make sure to read the Pitch's profile about them (address below), which contains such attention-grabbing lines as:

"Combs met Nemeth when they bonded over their love of vintage scooters."

"...a band...has fashioned itself into a showcase of film-noir-referencing lounge motifs."

"Donning fedoras and vests, the men of the band keep the rhythm, supporting Berndsen and O'Hayer as they croon at the front of the stage in tightfitting, brightly colored dresses."

If you STILL aren't sold, you're probably unhip, but we'll add one more thing: a photo from the band's noir-y photoshoot.

Chip: "Is 'noir-y' an acceptable adjective? It would probably help if I knew what 'noir' was."

Check them out here:

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