Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Important Local Music News: The Hips / This Week in Local Safety

If you're a local scenester, prepare to spill your PBR all over yourself at this news from Rangelife Records:

"Kelly Hangauer from Fourth Of July is in a new project with Jeff Stolz from Drakkar Sauna - they're calling themselves "The Hips" and are debuting tracks off their coming cassette release on Thursday, Feb 3rd at the Taproom. Opening is brother Patrick and the electronic meditations of 1,000,000 Light Years."

Chip: "I love that there are so many cassette releases these days, since I've never had a CD player in my car."

One can only assume The Hips' sound will merge the pop-bliss of Fourth of July with the freak-folk of Drakkar Sauna, giving birth to the most important Tap Room event since Dri brought Extra Classic to town.

Head over to the Rangelife Records website for more news:

And while you're there, PLEASE watch the trailer for White Flight's "Children of the Night" video. Sadly, the first commenter beat us to the impressive Kenneth Anger and Jodorowsky comparisons we were hoping to make to impress you with our filmic knowledge. But you're still invited over for our screening of Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre on Blu-Ray, which was just released yesterday, as it happens.

Here's the address for the White Flight video:


Good news for student ghetto residents: the oft-discussed construction of a well-lighted walkway "along the north side of 12th Street between Louisiana and Vermont streets" (UDK) is slated to begin as soon as the weather improves: "The path will be lined with antique-style light posts that have energy-saving LED light bulbs installed. The lights will be connected to motion sensors."

This should make it a little less likely that Mario Little will unexpectedly walk in and toss you into a sink.

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Anonymous said...

Where are The Hips playing when they come to CT in July 2012?