Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap: The Streak Ends and KAWR Begins / Monday Bachelor Coverage

The talk of the town this weekend has obviously been KU's home loss to Texas on Saturday, snapping a remarkable 69 game home winning streak. Personally, if the streak had to end, we're pleased that it ended on such a sexy number, and know that it means nothing in the long term. But "a concerned blog fan" in our comments section is dismayed by the outrage of many local sports "fans" and offers these thoughts:

"I hope the weekend recap will mention the obsessive and myopic focus of KU hoops fans following our loss (as seen in the instantaneous need to blame someone--Morningstar--for the loss); for the latent denial that ensued (various articles focusing not on the game, but on the personal affairs of TRob and other avenues of complete detachment) and otherwise ambivalent avoidance of the subject (LJWorld has written a grand total of 5 paragraphs on the actual game. Right after the game its staff could muster no more than a few brief sentences)."

You said it better than we would have, reader, and we agree with you almost completely, except that Chip does stand by his theory that someone must be blamed for everything.

Chip: "I'm going with, in this order, Selby, Zenger (for some reason), and Coach Self. Remind me again why we hired Self?"

While most sports fans were still crying about the loss on Saturday evening, we shelled out ten bucks at Liberty Hall for the KAWR fundraiser, under the assumption that the price will GUARANTEE us a future show on Larryville's community radio station. Over the course of a few hours, we witnessed acts that gave us hope for the future of local music (Rachel Anderson and her red boots rocking a Smiths cover; the LateNight Callers' lead vocalist doing the coolest things we've witnessed with a megaphone since Dickie Crickets, the King of the Megaphone Crooners, on HBO's Mr. Show), and a little less hope for the future of local sketch comedy (Felt Show, your puppets are fantastic, but your jokes are...less fantastic). The crowd was sparse while we were there during the old folks' hours before 10:00, but we'll hope that the scenesters arrived in full force later for the Spook Lights' gig and the important cause of local radio (though we'll assume that most of them were down at the Rooftop Vigilantes' gig and never considered paying a whopping ten dollar cover at Liberty for something as unhip as a "variety show").


Those who know the real "Chip" know that he's a long-time fan of Love Line With Dr. Drew, so tonight's episode of The Bachelor is a dream come true for him: not only does it contain a former Quinton's waitress but the episode's "group date" is a visit to Love Line. Rumor has it that Chip actually called in to Love Line when this episode was filmed, but we're not sure if his question will be included in the episode. Can you say "blowjob" on NBC during primetime?

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Capt Whatever It Is said...

One cannot say "blowjob" on cable. However, censors are slow to understand the meaning of "skeeting" all over a girl's "tah tahs" and the subtle complexities of what a "rim job" actually entails. Therefore, Chip should know, for future reference, to modify his comments in a more socially-conscious manner.