Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Art and Music Picks

On Fridays we get a little more serious and offer our take on where you should spend your scenester-time this weekend.

The Percolator has been sort of off our radar lately, but this weekend's opening, Celebrate People's History!: Posters of Resistance and Revolution, looks to be a good one. The exhibit will showcase: "50+ posters from the Celebrate People's History project (and now book), organized by Josh MacPhee of the Just Seeds artists' cooperative, that pay tribute to revolution, racial justice, women's rights, queer liberation, labor struggles, and creative activism and organizing."

Richard: "This event will also be a good occasion to talk about local acts of 'resistance and revolution,' the most important, of course, being the 'SHOUT PEACE' vandalism at the Oread Inn."

Chip: "Yes, and I have a feeling the culprit may well be in attendance and perhaps inspired enough by these posters to reveal him-or-herself. Look for me to finally make my long-promised citizen's arrest."

The opening is from 6:00-9:00 on Saturday, and here's a sneak preview (Chip: "Can't read a fucking word of it." Richard: "'Si Se Puede' is almost the Obama campaign slogan. Discuss.").

On the music front, expect the usual scenester contigent to fill the Replay for tonight's Dactyls show. Opening the show is the mysterious Fartaster, which doesn't seem to have an interweb presence. Is anyone already hip enough to know about them? If so, please explain.

Aging hipsters might be better served tomorrow at the Jackpot, where Rock for Nerds night will feature The Harrisonics, The Shebangs, and The Eudoras, who seem to reunite pretty regularly, and always offer a surfin' good time. Also, one low price gets you two bands featuring Jon Harrison!


Anonymous said...

Fartaster= members of Black Christmas, ex-Fag Cop, Spread Eagles...too hip!

hawai'i said...

I demand a Style Scout update!!!