Thursday, January 27, 2011

Final Friday Preview: BARRR Goes to Jail and Quinton's Gets Artsy!

If you're a local scenester, tomorrow is all about art (and maybe the Zoom reunion at the TapRoom, if you're an aging scenester).

Buzz is building for BARRR's "ICANHASJAIL" show at the Invisible Hand Gallery.

Chip: "I have no idea what it means, but if it's half as funny as 'I Can Has Cheezburger' then I'm sold."

But let's look at the official description from the Facebook page:

"His first solo show BARRR: I CAN HAS JAIL reflects the insanity of a man in flux. BARRR shows the conviction & commitment of the "busiest man in Lawrence!!!" I CAN HAS JAIL is the definitive look inside the mind of BARRR. A manic collage of bravado, psychedelia, fatherhood, pop culture, anxiety, religion, insecurity, sex, rock n' roll, paranoia, hustling & ANGER! Manic depression has never looked so good."

Richard: "Shouldn't 'vulgarity' be included in that list too?"

Download the podcast preview at the following address (or click the direct link in our sidebar):

BARRR's show is a given for tomorrow, but we also want to direct you to a place you may not necessarily associate with art: Quinton's. (The boys, however, have always thought of this venue as a viewing gallery of sorts, with our friend Z-Man once proclaiming that a certain waitress's ass could hang side by side with the Mona Lisa).

Q5 Gallery is currently stationed in the upstairs area at Quinton's (yes, right up there with the ice bar), and their opening tomorrow is (cleverly) titled "QuintEssential Art Show."

In addition to works by many artists (such as our Twitter-buddy Leo Hayden), the opening will also include a "Drink n Draw" from 4-10: "Collaboration piece with materials for all to contribute."

Chip: "I'm going to draw some tasteful nudes of my favorite waitresses."


Jartsu37 said...

Sounds like fun! Barrr just might be Larry's MBW...

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to get to the Invisible Hand Gallery?
I'm a little worried that it may be hard to find.